iPhone XS Owners Reporting Network Connectivity Problems

Apple’s celebrated iPhone line has always been a hit with the consumer although it does come with some kinks along the way. The same is experience by phones from rival brands, most popping up once these mobile phones land in the hands of end-users.

In the case of the iPhone XS and XS Max, the first issue scouring the web is that they are rendering poor WiFi and LTE performances. Looking over at Reddit and support forums, a number of users have been complaining of such for both models, 9to5 Mac said.

Some iPhone XS and/or iPhone XS Mac users were lucky enough to have their units replaced. Thinking perhaps it was a phone defect, mobile carriers happily obliged. But it turns out that the problem persisted.

There are also users who went as far as to compare the iPhone XS with their previous models. According to WiWavelength, the performance problem may be due to antenna issues, a reason why the device shows off disappointing radio frequency performance.

Like in the past, a likely solution would be to see Apple release a firmware update to address the problem. Such could increase the conducted power although this may not be enough considering Apple is already applying conducted power liberally.

A long shot suggestion for the issue would be a hardware fix. But WiWavelength adds that this may be improbable since is already late in this game. Hence, most of the folks affected by it will just have to wait and see what the Cupertino company will do to address the problem and if it is actually Apple who is at fault.

If it is indeed a hardware problem, there are some who suggest that this may be due to the Qualcomm vs. Intel modems, Mac Rumors said. The latest models make use of Intel modems although it remains to be seen if this is indeed the culprit. It would be best to wait and hear it from Apple themselves.

The good news is that the poor radio frequency signals do not apply to all regions. In fact, some are experiencing good to excellent data speeds credited to three new radio technologies integrated into the iPhone XS. These are 4×4 MIMO, QAM, and LAA.

That said, it looks like the poor signal issues would depend on the region where the Apple device would be used. Compatibility to the mobile service could be a factor, meaning most may be left distraught and pondering if such would persist when getting the latest iPhone model.

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