Melania Trump Looks Forward On Solo Trip To Africa As She Wants To Escape Drama In The White House

Melania Trump and Donald Trump
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Melania Trump is reportedly looking forward on her solo and first trip to Africa. The First Lady is said to be relieved as she's away from the drama in the white house and from Donald Trump.

"Melania is extremely excited to be spending time in Africa, and is really looking forward to her first solo trip overseas," a source close to Melania said to HollywoodLife. "With everything going on right now at home, it will be a huge relief to get away from the never-ending drama."

Melania will be spending about a week abroad and will visit Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt. The first lady is reportedly happy to be elsewhere after recent uproar surrounding nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, and subsequent FBI investigation, taking a toll on Donald.

"Donald has been acting like a bear with a sore head for weeks now, and is constantly ranting or raving about somebody," the source continues, and added, "It's getting to the stage where Donald doesn't trust anybody, and he seems to be in a state of constant paranoia. It's utterly exhausting to be around him."

As previously reported, Melania is also said to be upset about the reports claiming Donald showed Stormy Daniels pictures of their 12-year-old son Barron before their alleged sexual affair. The First Lady is reportedly bothered, especially that her innocent child was involved in the alleged issue.

"Melania is disgusted by Stormy Daniels' claim that Donald showed her photos of their son Barron before allegedly having sex with Stormy," the source said. "Donald has, of course, vehemently denied having any kind of intimate relationship with Stormy, but the more Melania hears about what supposedly happened between the two of them the more she questions if Donald is telling the truth."

The insider also said if it's true that Donald indeed shared the photo of their son with Daniels, that's really crossing the line as Melania was incredibly protective of Barron.

"The thought of Donald showing him off like that, to somebody like Stormy Daniels, absolutely sickens her," the source added.

Meanwhile, in addition to this report, Stormy's new book, "Full Disclosure," which is set to come out on Oct. 2, has been creating media circus when it comes to the details of her alleged experience with Donald. She reportedly provides a lot of wild information about the current U.S. President and their "infamous time together."

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