iPhone XS Camera Now Second-Best Behind Huawei P20 Pro

The reviews on the iPhone XS series continue with most taking aim at the built-in camera. The latest review comes from DxOMark, revealing a total score of 105 for the latest Apple flagship, a combined score for its photo and video performance.

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone XS camera system fared better than its predecessor, the iPhone X which only had a score of 97 last year. Further, it would be best to note that the 105 score covers only the iPhone XS Max. Regardless, DxO believes that the lower model will render a score nearer to that.

As mentioned in a previous post, the attention has been focused on the 12 MP sensor on the dual-camera setup. For those who are probably aware by now, the upgrades leave a lot to be desired. And like most phones, the real story is actually the software and image processing changes that account for this year’s noticeable improvements on the still photos and video captures, 9 to 5 Mac said.

As far as capturing stills, the camera continuously captures multi-frame buffers at different exposure levels. This offers something unique for iPhone XS owners, allowing simultaneous zero shutter lag and HDR processing.

Folks who are crazy about capturing quality videos get faster sensor readouts that account for better video stabilization and reduced jello effect when shooting 4K videos at 60 FPS. Aside from that, the camera can shoot footage with expanded dynamic range even when the frame rate is limited to just 30 FPS.

Considering Apple has lagged behind when it comes to arming its mobile phones with the latest technology, the minimally improved built-in cameras of the iPhone XS clan is seen as a big leap compared to previous years. While it still pales a bit when compared to the Huawei P20 Pro, the cameras should suffice in this age where folks turn to their cameras to capture those precious moments.

The good news is that the iPhone XS cameras have proven to be better against rival brands. This includes Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 and the Google Pixel 2, iDropnews said. It finds itself at the no. 2 position right now, proof that the Cupertino company is progressing as they try to appease the happy snapping mobile phone consumer market.

But would these innovations be enough to justify its steep selling price that starts at $1,000? The answer to that is expected to be divided. Regardless, one can only wonder if Apple has more in store for its iPhone successors. Will it jump to the triple camera sector and give Huawei a run for its money? That remains to be seen.

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