‘Pokemon Go’ New Ghost-Type Monsters Possibly Coming This Halloween

All eyes are on augmented reality game “Pokemon Go” this month as the Halloween season nears. During these times gamers normally await what Niantic has up its sleeves, awaiting events and a new batch of goodies that include enhanced and rare critters which have not yet spawned thus far.

For those who are still hooked up to the game, most are aware that “Pokemon Go” still lacks certain features. That includes the yearned for features like PvP and additional events that helps keep augmented reality gamers occupied. Some trainers are keeping their fingers crossed, hoping that these plus a whole lot more come out this Halloween 2018.

Little has been said on what Niantic up its sleeve. There have been unofficial rants coming out for “Pokemon Go” and one suggests that potential coming of Gen 4 Pokemon. Taken as it is, there is plenty to cover. But being the season of spooks, the best bet would be to see a couple of new ghost-type pocket monsters coming soon.

One hint comes from a Pokemon Go newsletter teasing that spooky events have started to occur. Broad as it may seem, adding both Halloween and the spooky events leads many to speculate the coming of critters such as Mismagius or Dusknor as potential Pokemon looming over the horizon, The Express said.

Looking beyond that, data miners have done their work as well on the game codes. Unearthed were references to the Sinnoh types, further supporting belief that something is bound to happen this Halloween season.

Unfortunately, these alleged references have been removed at the time of this writing. Hence, changes may have been done to the original code – meaning data miners will have to try again and see what other references can be dug up to figure out just what Niantic has planned.

Assuming there are no new Pokemon coming out, some rare pocket monsters or items could be coming as well. Pikachu, the critter who has come out with iconic hats tied up to the season could be released once again and sporting a Halloween-theme hat. Though it doesn’t really make the Pokemon stand out when it comes to battles, it remains a collector item and something worth adding to a player’s Pokedex.

Aside from a Halloween-themed Pikachu, there could be a shiny variant of Drowzee coming out. Seeing these special critters is not really surprising although most are likely to be kept busy trying to capture one for their inventory.

If the suggestion of the Daily Star is to be believed, there are about 107 new Pokemon to look forward to in Gen 4. With so much to look forward to, it would be best to look forward to seeing some of them unless Niantic has other things planned.

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