Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus To Crash Triple Camera Setup Party

As far as Samsung is concerned, they do have their own mobile phone sporting a triple-camera setup in the Samsung Galaxy A7. The only problem is that the Samsung Galaxy S series remains the popular line on their end, meaning most would prefer to see such a camera set up on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus at the earliest.

Based on leaks from SamMobile, that may be happening soon. It seems that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will make use of the S9’s 12 MP f1.5/2.4 variable aperture lens that will act as the main camera and eventually be backed up by a wide-angle 16MP sensor with f1.9 aperture boasting of a 123-degree field of view. The third lends will be a 13MP f2.4 aperture sensor. Thus the next Galaxy S flagship could be coming out with a triple-camera setup - 41 MP in all.

To date, the Huawei P20 Pro comes to mind each time triple-camera setups are mentioned. Come 2019, it remains to be seen if the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus will overtake the P20 Pro as one of the best and ideal devices for happy snapping consumers.

Do take note that it will only be the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus coming out with the full three lenses. Hence, the Samsung Galaxy S10 base model will likely come with only two lenses. There is no mention for now on which of the three lenses mentioned above will be left out, Digital Trends said.

Now aside from the main cameras, there is the front-facing shooter of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus to consider. Bell claims that the next Samsung flagship will come with a dual selfie camera similar to the Samsung Galaxy A8 – something that will likely come with improvements.

Rumors have it as well that Samsung will be releasing three versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10. The first one, codenamed Beyond 0, is believed to be a Samsung Galaxy S10 Mini with Beyond 1 being the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Beyond 2 being the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Aside from the cameras, other features to look forward to the Samsung flagship include a fingerprint-on-display sensor and bezel-less AMOLED displays. Under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy S10 could make use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 7mn chipset. Other specifications remain unknown for now.

One improvement that most want to see is a better battery backing up the Samsung Galaxy S10 series. The Galaxy S9 left a lot to be desired in terms of power storage despite boosted battery capacity. Could we see the rumored L-shaped battery backing the S10 series soon?

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