'Attack On Titan' Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: Here's What We Know So Far About Keith Shadis
(Photo: Facebook/Elijah X. Bailey)

Anime fans are in for a treat. The spoilers and predictions for 12th episode of "Attack on Titan" season 3 are here, teasing fans about the secrets hidden in Eren Yeager's (voiced by Yuki Kaji) basements.

Before that, here is a quick recap on what happened on the 11th episode of "Attack on Titan" season 3. The latest episode started two months since Historia Reiss' (voiced by Shiori Mikami) coronation.

Despite her status as a new queen of the Walls, Historia Reiss remained humble. She even started running a farm to take care of the orphans and other people in need.

There are also some changes in the military sector: they now have a new weapon that allows them to kill Titans without risking the lives of soldiers. Eren Yeager suddenly recalled the man in his vision who knew his father, former Cadet Corps Commander Keith Shadis.

Hence, he along with Levi Ackermann (voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya) and Hange Zoe (voiced by Romi Park) visited Keith Shadis to hear his story of how he discovered Grisha Yeager outside the gates of Wall Maria 20 years ago.

According to Keith Shadis, Grisha Yeager used his abilities as a doctor to heal the sick and later met Carla after she became ill with a disease that plagued the Shiganshina district. The two later fell in love, got married and welcomed their son, Eren.

However, Carla was eaten by a Titan. Thus, Grisha Yeager took their son Eren Yeager into the woods, where Keith Shadis later found him wearing a key around his neck.

Now, the spoilers and predictions for the 12th episode of "Attack on Titan" season 3 suggest that the preparations are already being made for the Survey Corps' next expedition beyond the Walls.

As they prepare for the expedition, Eren Yeager and Armin Arlert (voiced by Marina Inoue) share their respective plans once they go outside the Walls after they retake Wall Maria. They are also hoping to discover the secrets hidden in the former's basement.

However, it seems that fans would have to wait a little longer before they witness the 12th episode of "Attack on Titan" season 3. It is believed that the popular anime series is heading for a three-week hiatus.

"As previously confirmed, there is 100% no SnK broadcasts for the early mornings of 10/15, 10/22, and 10/29. Or in any other NHK timeslot during the weeks after the 10/8 broadcast," a fan wrote on Reddit, as quoted by Comic Book. "It wouldn't have been shown at an earlier time anyhow, considering the 'maturity' of the content."