China Reports H5N6 Bird Flu Outbreak Following Swine Fever Cases

FILE PHOTO: Free-range chicken are seen on a field outside Munich, southern Germany, August 8, 2017. (Photo: REUTERS/Michael Dalder/File Photo)

New Cases of H5N6 bird flu was reported in a poultry farm in southern Hunan province according to the Agriculture Ministry on Tuesday. China is also struggling to control the African swine fever outbreak in some affected areas in the country.

The report of the Agriculture Ministry said that local authorities disposed of 1,029 birds after the outbreak. The outbreak was reported to have affected almost 519 birds in Hunan and 385 of them were killed by the flu.

On Tuesday, the agriculture ministry reported that outbreak of the African swine fever outbreak remains a complex problem. They added that their effort in controlling the disease is still in its pivotal period. According to reports, there were 28 cases of the fast-spreading disease in eight provinces in China so far. Circulating reports claims that the first African swine fever outbreak in China started in the city of Shenyang in Liaoning province in August.

It was reported that the African swine fever was recorded in the northern province of Liaoning on Monday were in some villages in Yingkou city reported the death of 93 pigs out of the 334 infected.

Lately, China imposed a ban on imported pigs, wild boars, and other products from Belgium, Japan and Bulgaria. It was reported that the swine outbreak also affected Japanese swine. Pig products coming from the three countries were ordered to be recalled or destroyed.

China implemented that ban of the products in the aim of protecting the countries livestock and to prevent further spread of the disease. The country also required transport vehicles passing in China to be fully sanitized and sealed.

According to reports, Brazil is also suffering from an outbreak of another form of a hog disease known as the "classical swine fever". It was confirmed by the Brazilian agriculture ministry that the outbreak started in the northeastern state of Ceará on Monday. The outbreak was confirmed on October 6 in an area 500 kilometers away from disease-free areas of the World Organization for Animal Health.

It was not yet reported that the country will implement import bans on avian products. Global health officials, however, are extending their efforts to avoid and control the outbreak of the disease. The World Health Organization for Animal Health expressed their concern over the outbreaks. They consider the outbreaks as a very serious event and authorities all over the world exert more pressure in their efforts to control the outbreaks.

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