LeBron James Says Sons Mature, Was He Sending A Message To Lakers Teammates?

Depending on which region one may be, there are different beliefs and practices when it comes to consuming wine. Depending as well on the type of wine one drinks, there are kids who do drink such. And for LeBron James, his 14 and 11-year-old sons do have a sip or two with no complaints on his end.

Of course, that media scrum with reporters at a Los Angeles Lakers practice with James works both ways. Some may consider it inappropriate to hear a parent allowing his kids to consume alcohol while there are some who know for a fact that it was nothing more than a harmless exchange the NBA star had with the people on hand.

Other than the wine-drinking discussion, he also mentioned that his 14-year-old son (LeBron James Jr.) would be driving next week. As most know, that is way beyond the legal age to drive – more than enough proof that the scrum was nothing more than a light moment for James and the ones in attendance, USA Today said.

He goes on to say that his sons are mature, something that most may tackle in different ways. But throughout the conversation, was LeBron indirectly trying to make a point with his younger Lakers teammates?

It is a given that James will now be tasked to lead a young care that includes Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart. He does have some able NBA stars to help whip the young guns to shape like Rajon Rondo, both out to guide these rising stars and see if they can eventually turn into stars like them.

Critics feel that even with the acquisition of James, the Lakers will need another franchise player to be able to relive the glory days. For now, reaching the playoffs is seen as a reasonable target for the purple and gold at the least.

James has proven that even with young stars, he can come out each night and dominate, Mercury News said. He showed that last season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, falling only to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

This time and depending on their performance, James could find himself facing the Dubs once more. On paper, the obvious favorites are the Warriors who have gotten stronger with players as DeMarcus Cousins added to the fold.

It will be a feeling out season for LeBron and the Lakers this year although overachieving is not discounted. Next summer will be equally interesting with the Lakers expected to go after another player to compliment James and hopefully bag their 17th NBA title.

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