'Black Clover' Episode 54 Spoilers: Kiten's Invasion Finally Ends, Asta Receives Heartbreaking News

'Black Clover' Episode 54 Spoilers: Kiten's Invasion Finally Ends, Asta Receives Heartbreaking News
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"Black Clover" Episode 54 is definitely one of the most highly anticipated episodes in the history of the anime. The show itself is gearing up to be among the most exciting arcs in the manga: the Witch Forest arc. But before that, fans might want to say goodbye to some of their favorite Black Bulls characters because the next episode will introduce new characters from the Witch Forest country and even from the Diamond Kingdom.

According to EconoTimes, "Black Clover" Episode 54 will feature the fight against Kiten which will be over and the Black Bulls will finally be coming back in the capital. Asta will get his arms taken care of by Dr. Owen, the top recovery mage of the kingdom. Finral will overhear the situation about Asta's arms.

After the mission in Kiten, Yami will announce that the Black Bulls have no Black Stars and that they can actually collect more stars to rise in the ladder in "Black Clover" Episode 54. In celebration for this, he treats everyone with barbeque. Asta announced that he is tired and that he wants to go home. When he left, Finral will tell everyone that Asta's arms will never be healed.

Yami looks up to Owen as the best mage in the kingdom because he previously helped fix Yami's arm. "Black Clover" Episode 54 is likely going to explain that Owen is one of the best mages they have because of his power to see through people's anatomy and distribute mana to the specific part that was injured.

However, Yami's optimism and Owen's skills will not be enough to counter the spell that hurt Asta's arm. The happy celebrations in "Black Clover" Episode 54 will turn sour for a moment once Owen tells Asta that he can no longer use his arm.

Asta will attempt to hide it from the Black Bulls but Finral overhears Owen when he delivers the bad news. Finral later tells the rest of the squad, which then halts the festivities in "Black Clover" Episode 54, Otakukart reports.

Interestingly, the "Black Clover" Episode 54 title, "Never Again," can be interpreted in a couple of ways. It could be seen as a reference to the news that Asta can never wield a sword again with his arm. But the latter part of the episode will most likely end on a positive note, providing fans with the second interpretation of the episode title.

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