World Mental Health Week 2018: The Importance Of Giving Attention To Mental Health Problems

A lot of celebrities, including Sophie Turner, are raising awareness about mental health problems.
A lot of celebrities, including Sophie Turner, are raising awareness about mental health problems. (Photo: darkday./Flickr)

It's World Mental Health Week, and although not much people are giving attention to this event, many still see the importance of it. A lot of celebrities, including Sophie Turner, are raising awareness about this condition. So people should stop ignoring this situation and start believing it is real.

World Mental Health Week is about raising awareness of mental health's importance to all people. It is also aiming to remove the stigma surrounding the condition, to start openly talking about it, and to show understanding of the individuals dealing with it.

"Mental health is what we all have [to take care of]," CEO and founder of OCD & Anxiety Support Hong Kong Minal Mahtani said, per the South China Morning Post. "Like physical health, we have a responsibility to look after it: the state of our mind affects the way we feel think and react to stressors."

Mahtani also talked about mental illness and how it affects people. Brain dysfunction has an impact on the persons' "thoughts, emotions, and behavior." It causes distress to the sufferers that also affect their daily activities and life per se. It generally alters someone's mood and causes "physical, emotional, and behavioral" changes.

Many celebrities are doing their best to raise awareness about mental health. In fact, on the exact day of World Mental Health Day on Wednesday, October 10, Turner shared a strong message about this condition on Twitter.

The "Game of Thrones" star revealed she has seen people suffer from a mental health condition. "[I've] seen people go from the darkest moments in their lives to living a happy, fulfilling life," Turner wrote.

Although it is hard to have a mental health problem, Turner advised there is always a possibility that things will change no matter how hard it seems. "You can do it too. I believe in you. You are not a burden. You will NEVER BE a burden," the 22-year-old star added.

According to Bustle, Turner spoke about depression ahead of the Mental Health Awareness Week. The "Dark Phoenix" actress revealed in May that suicide is the "single biggest killer" of men in the UK under 45-years-old.

So she advised everyone to remove the "taboo" of depression and start to recognize and manage the mental health condition. Turner also has a pinned topic about World Suicide Prevention Day on Twitter.

The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed in the celebration of World Mental Health Week that one in four people in the world has a mental health problem. That makes the condition one of the leading causes of "ill-health issues and disability worldwide." It is second to heart disease, which also one of its causes.

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