iPhone Demand Could Dip With Impending Shift To 5G

Apple has been taking a hit when it comes to their new iPhones with much of that tied up to the new technology applied. The iPhone XS series do have their share of new perks and somehow, the phone manufacturer has been able to survive. However, all that could change soon with the impending coming of 5G technology.

Digitimes believes that Apple is faced with a big problem with prices expected to jack up once the global communications industry starts migrating from 4G to 5G in 2019. The Cupertino company’s rival companies have come up with a mix to keep prices within reach but the same cannot be said for Apple – particularly its iPhone range.

The good news is that Apple does have the time to adjust before 5G officially rolls out. While most see 2019 as a potential time where it will all happen, a feasible estimate is actually 2020. That said, is Apple currently working on something to prepare for it?

Many will be monitoring the pricing matrix of the iPhone. Already carrying a hefty price of $1,000 for the base model to date, critics forecast a bumped up price to $1,299 for the 5G variant. At that pricing point, smartphone buyers may start thinking twice on whether if the cost is worth it. A scenario could see some Apple users try out the Android phone counterparts – something that the Cupertino company would dread.

Rival brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are primed and ready for the shift to 5G and have managed to come up with the right mix for its market. Most of the smartphone brands are on the rise and could end up being the consumer’s alternative if pricing is not addressed by Apple.

Hence, the road ahead will not be easy for Apple. However, expect them to come up with something to keep their brand abreast. There is the possibility of releasing an entry-level 4G/ 5G lineup that could be priced somewhere in the $899 to $999 level. This could be their increment shift to make sure that they don’t lag behind, smoke signals that could work and help them with the impending shift, Tech Crunch said.

For years, Apple has lagged behind in technology and such is something that will eventually backfire. The impending transition to 5G will be a challenge once again for Apple as they try to maintain their share in the market.

They have been experiencing tough competition from rival brands and the pressure is expected to pan up soon. Should 5G technology rollout, will Apple still be up there or find itself dropping yet again?

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