'Riverdale' Season 3: Here Are Moments That Make The 'Labor Day' Episode Confusing

Here Are Moments That Make The 'Riverdale' Season 3 Episode 'Labor Day' Confusing
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Hurray, the "Riverdale" kids are back-both from summer break, and the show's summer TV break-and are on the verge of starting their junior year. Well, at least, this is according to narrator Jughead on the season three opener.

This simply fittingly picks things up three months after Archie was arrested for a murder he did not commit in "Riverdale." And, of course, this also means that the show is back in the great "war" between Archie and Hiram and right away.

According to Express, "Riverdale" Season 3 premiered in America on October 10 on The CW in the US. Episodes from the said season will be airing on a weekly basis on Wednesdays and will be broadcast in the US at 8/7c, which means 8 pm Eastern Time and 7 pm Central Time. It will be on at 8 pm Pacific Time.

In true "Riverdale" fashion, however, fans might be left with a few questions, and the urgency to binge watch the rest of the season sooner rather than in the long months to come. Cosmopolitan shared some moments that were straight up confusing and require some explaining.

For starters, the "Riverdale" episode called "Labor Day" begs the question: Is it ethical for Archie's mom to represent him in court? Mary Andrews spent her summer in Riverdale trying to prove Archie's innocence and even gave a few statements in court, but was it the best move? Advising Archie behind the scenes is one thing. Trying to convince the jury of the good characteristics of your client who also happens to be your son is another (duh).

It also appears that Alice is now a completely different person, especially that she is involved with The Farm. The new "Riverdale" episode sees Alice ditching her makeup and good clothes for a natural complexion and floral print. Did she not just wear Serpent-inspired eyeliner knocking on F.P.'s trailer door a hot minute ago? Is The Farm that effective?

The aforementioned "Riverdale" episode also confirms that Thornhill is back and has a pool. Cheryl invites pretty much every teen in Riverdale to Thornhill for an end-of-summer party over Labor Day weekend. The great reveal, of course, is that Thornhill, which Cheryl burned down on the first season, is suddenly standing again and has a gorgeous pool with all the trimmings. Can mansions be rebuilt that quickly? And where is Nana Rose? Can someone get her if she is still at Thistlehouse?

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