NFL: Cowboys Fans Turning On Dak Prescott, Want Tony Romo Back

Dak Prescott was initially seen as the next best thing for the Dallas Cowboys, one of the reasons why Tony Romo opted to retire and focus on sports broadcasting. the 25-year-old quarterback from Mississippi State made quite an impression when he was given the chance to start back in 2016 although he has been struggling as of late.

Prescott has been struggling through five games this NFL season for Dallas, something that is not sitting well with Cowboys fans. The team currently totes a 2-3 card and the 135th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft has yet to create a difference.

As of this rating, his quarterback rating is 81.4, 27th among eligible quarterbacks according to 247 Sports. There are several factors that can be cited as the reason behind his poor performance although it does not excuse the Cowboys to fare better.

As one would guess, fans are getting impatient and the name of Romo has cropped up. In fact, some have gone as far as to circulate a petition for the veteran to return via in an effort to "Bring Back Romo."

It seems clear that many are questioning the weapons that Prescott has right now. Most single out the offensive woes of the Cowboys and believe that Romo can make a difference and put the team's playbook back to full use. Right now, the petition has 804 signatures.

The petition is unlikely to gain ground. Also, there is the question of where Romo's heart is right now. The 38-year-old is one of the best broadcasters to date and has no factual reason to return and bang bodies on the football field.

Being away from the game for more than a year needs to be considered as well. Romo is obviously not in game shape meaning he may not be the (immediate) solution the Cowboys would need.

Like it or not, Prescott remains the guy (for now) for Dallas. Jerry Jones saw something in Dak that pushed him to move forward with him and the team's current performance includes other factors.

The Dallas Cowboys visit the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend where Prescott and company will test cornerback Jalen Ramsey and company. Ramsey has been a vital cog for the Jaguars and has been one of the better defensive backs in the NFL to date, SB Nation said.

Ramsey holds high regard for Prescott and believes that the Cowboys quarterback can make plays, extend plays and do wonders for the Dallas offense. Heading into the weekend, it will be interesting if Prescott can deliver and prove Ramsey right.

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