China Secures its Influence in Neighbours in Southeast Asia

A new report noted that India and Japan already left Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad as the two countries now have a good relationship with China.
A new report noted that India and Japan already left Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or Quad as the two countries now have a good relationship with China. (Photo: Agencia de Noticias ANDES/Flickr)

Chinese investments in its neighboring Southeast Asian countries show that China is securing its influence in the region. China has been economically collaborating with its neighbors while Western economic giants are turning elsewhere.

In Vientiane, the capital of Laos, a Chinese company is currently constructing a 414-kilometer railroad line. The project is one of the technologically ambitious projects built by China where half of the tracks will pass through tunnels and 60 kilometers of the track will be over bridges. The construction of the railroad will increase the transportation of the 3.5 hours drive on the 100 kilometers long track from the Laos-China border to Muang Xay to 25 minutes.

In Thailand, China is involved in the Kra Canal Project. It is an artificial waterway that aims to connect the Indian Ocean to the Pacific.

Passage through the two oceans currently passes through the Strait of Malacca. It is recorded that almost 100,000 ships pass through the strait every year. However, it is projected that, in the next few years, the maximum capacity if ships that will pass through could reach 120, 000. According to Pakdee Tanapura, an economist with TCCEA, the Kra Canal would solve the traffic and other problems. The passage is also believed that it will create new waterway and shipping companies will save millions in fuel costs if is competed.

Vietnam and China historically battled a bloody border conflict in 1979. Lately, China is doing every move to establish an economic collaboration with the country. Chinese companies are working on a subway project in Hanoi and a Chinese-built coal-fired power plant is scheduled to start its operation. Chinese textile factories are also located in the industrial belt around Saigon. China is also Vietnam's biggest trading partner.

China is building trust in its neighboring Southeast Asian nations by building railways, canals, power plants, and other projects that might benefit every country's economy. The collaborations initiated by the economic giant shows that the country is working to strengthen the global economy through economic ties.

A Chinese construction company released a statement that they will invest in Malaysia's infrastructure and machinery projects amounting to MR 10 billion. The founder of China's Pacific Construction Group Ltd. ensured that they will invest in China because of the positive business environment and its competitiveness in the region. Yan Jiehe complemented the countries excellent infrastructure, its ecosystem, and its multi-lingual workforce.

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