Changing Food Environment Can Be The Best Diet Method To Lose Weight

When people are giving in and their diet is not working anymore, maybe its time to changing the environment.
When people are giving in and their diet is not working anymore, maybe its time to changing the environment. (Photo: wuestenigel/Flickr)

Studies say all diets are effective, but it can eventually become ineffective. People try so hard to avoid unhealthy but appetizing foods in exchange for losing weight, but the temptation is always lurking around. When people are giving in, and their diet is not working anymore, maybe it's the best time to changing the food environment.

According to the South China Morning Post, one of obesity's reasons is an environment full of unhealthy food. When there is a calorie-filled meal around, people may have a hard time to avoid them. Following a diet's food recommendation may not work out if there is a food temptation composed of meals that you should not eat.

Research shows that people tend to eat more when there is food around. "The eating behavior of those with higher relative weights is susceptible to the presence of palatable foods in the environment," the study reads.

An observation made in 2006 proved that the environment affected people's diet. Forty office secretaries received a jar full of candies each, and it showed the assistant opted to eat more when there was food around.

Transparent jar and within the secretaries' reach made them more tempted to eat. They ended up eating a total of eight or fewer candies a day. But a colored jar and about six feet away made them eat only three sweets per day, a 60 percent drop in consumption. So an environment without tempting food could make losing weight a big possibility.

People do not overeat because they are hungry. They tend to overeat when they are tempted. It usually ends up changing the diet instead of the environment.

NDTV added people already have the knowledge of what food to eat when they are in a diet. Whole foods packed with a lot of nutrients are usually recommended and, of course, avoid junk foods. So to make the diet more effective, they can create their food environment.

People should stop following diets that ask them to avoid eating a certain food. Instead, they should be following a method that will keep them being around forbidden meals.

The best way to start changing food environment is to begin it at home. People who are losing weight and following a diet should be clearing their house with food that making them feel tempted like ice cream, junk foods, chips, and baked goods -- except if there is a festivity.

So if you are having a hard time following a diet routine and always giving in to temptation, maybe it is the best time changing your food environment. This way, you may achieve the ideal weight you have been dreaming.

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