‘The Wandering Earth’ : The Next Chinese Sci-Fi Blockbuster

The Wandering Earth
Chinese science fiction blockbuster film "The Wandering Earth" is slated to hit theaters in February 2018. (Photo: HKCinema/Youtube)

While China is not really known for high-budget sci-fi flicks, the newest trailer of the upcoming film "The Wandering Earth" may finally erase that notion. The trailer reveals the films Hollywood style set design and effects, something that made many observers dub it as the next Chinese sci-fi blockbuster hit.

"The Wandering Earth" is based on the works of Chinese author Cixin Liu who is best known for the critically-acclaimed books like the "Three-Body Problem" and "Ball Lightning."

In Mr. Liu's original story, scientists have discovered that the sun is slowly turning into a red giant. Once the sun does, it will expand and incinerate all that is in its path and potentially wipe the entire solar system. In order to save the Earth from this apocalyptic nightmare, the scientists devised a plan to move the planet of out the solar system towards a new one called Proxima Centauri.

The Chinese film industry has clearly recognized that the potential blockbuster hit in Mr. Liu's works. All his books have the perfect blend of a contemporary sci-fi story that tells how humans endure the forces of the universe and eventually come out on top.

"The Wandering Earth" is helmed by renowned director Guo Fan. The film is expected to hit theaters in February 2019. Despite that fact that, many observers have already commented about the film's blockbuster feel. It is China's first sci-fi film to have received a Hollywood-style budget and production. While the film has big shoes to fill, many believe that it will deliver on all areas.

Despite the lack of big-budget blockbuster films, China is still considered as one of the largest movie markets in the world. The country has turned into a key market for many film industries, especially Hollywood. The country's growing middle class and the concurrent growth of film theaters around the region have made it an important sector even for American films.

One of the first big-budget Chinese films to burst into the scene was "The Great Wall" which starred Matt Damon. It was a massive joint Chinese-American co-production and had a budget of $150. Many observers have noted that as American films enjoy massive acceptance from the Chinese market, local producers and filmmakers have also started to capitalize on this demand, evidence to this is the upcoming "The Wandering Earth" film.

Chinese science fiction author and screenwriter Anna Wu recently said that while Chinese film industry has a wide experience in producing fantasy films, the science fiction genre is still relatively new to the country.

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