Kawhi Leonard's Future Looking Good In Toronto

Kawhi Leonard will once again be the guy most will be following next season with the Los Angeles Lakers being linked as a possible next stop. But as most know, there is a growing belief that the 27-year-old swingman may have a change of heart since he may not want to play behind LeBron James.

The theory is no different from what most perceive with Paul George. While both can tandem with James to form a super duo, both George and Leonard are superstars who usually take the lead role. There are some superstars who chose to step back to win an NBA ring but the case of these two stars is seen as something different.

Aside from playing as a shadow, Leonard is expected to decide wisely. His arrival in Toronto was something most did not foresee although he, if reports are to be the gauge, barely had a hand on the celebrated NBA trade.

Initially, most had mixed feelings on the move. Many believed it was a temporary stop. But with a hot 8-1 start, Toronto may have shown Kawhi why he doesn't need to look further and that Ontario may be the perfect home for him to stay.

The Raptors blew out the Lakers with Leonard not seeing action. There are guys like Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka and Pascal Siakam who have shown that they can step up, clearly showing that the Raptors can win games even with their main guns resting.

So what does this mean for the Raptors and Leonard? For the Raptors, it shows how they can survive against top teams. Further supporting their claim is their hot start, earning them the moniker of potential title contender.

As far as Leonard is concerned, it means that he doesn't need to carry the whole team on his shoulders. While he is expected to lead, the pressure is less both mentally and physically. Most importantly, he is one of the team's superstars -regardless if he played or not, the Ringer said.

Although it is still early in the season, it remains to be seen if the Raptors have done enough to convince Leonard to stay. While he is from Los Angeles, Leonard is surprisingly not a Laker fan.

According to the Undefeated, Kawhi did plan to sign with the Lakers before the big trade for DeMar DeRozan went down. Now, the temporary stop is shaping up to be a permanent one especially if head coach Nick Nurse continues to bring out the best from the team for the entire season. A clearer view of things to come may likely crop up come the NBA playoffs with most believing the Raptors will reach that far.

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