iOS 12.0.1 Jailbreak Revives Hopes For iPhone Owners

For the record, the last time an iOS jailbreak came out was for iOS 11.3.1. Since that time, Apple has done a wonderful job making sure that its mobile operating system is free from flaws and exploits.

There have been a lot of people who have tried their hand on iOS jailbreaking. One name that comes to mind is Lucas Todesco who bared that he had successfully cracked iOS 12 on the iPhone XS Max.

When most hackers gave up, he stayed the course. In 2017, he exploited Safar's Webkit on iOS 11 and even gained root access, Yalu JB said. Fast-forwarding to the iOS 12, Todesco once again achieved success and even had a video to support his claim. It took him only days to 'pwned' the latest mobile operating system without tweaking a single line of code from his previous project, Value Walk said. Even more surprising is that he was able to revert it to the stock iOS 12, coming with a video to support that claim.

However, it seems to be more of a show than actually releasing an authentic jailbreak for the iOS community. As before, he never really released the actual jailbreak tool, something that leads many to doubt if his achievements are indeed true or not. There is also the fact that he could get into trouble for doing so although Apple has commended him instead for breaking their code.

Moving on to the iOS 12.0.1, developer Kudima has reportedly submitted a WebKit RCE exploit to the GitHub repository and that it works with up to iOS 12.0.1. Many perceive it as a potential iOS jailbreak although the bug is believed to have been already patched up with the recently released iOS 12.1 which added new features like bug fixes and Group FaceTime.

While that may sound like bad news, it could signal the potential coming of a much-awaited iOS jailbreak - particularly for iOS 12.0.1. This is more of a theory for now and a lot would depend on the exploiters if they can get one out in public.

Aside from Todesco, there is also BigD (Kudima) and Niklas B, a security researcher, that most may want to keep tabs with. It remains a cat-and-mouse game between Apple and the iOS jailbreakers, something that has died down in recent years.

But with this breakthrough, the good old days of putting Apple's mobile operating system to the test is back. Already a given, the next question in people's mind is on whether we will actually see on or simply see these iOS jailbreakers showing off to leave iPhone owners in envy.

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