Joker and Harley Quinn Are Set to Join PUBG

PUBG - New Skins - Suicide Squad (Joker and Harley Quinn)

The Player Unknown's Battlegrounds world has currently collided with the DC Universe.

According to Engadget, the prominent version of Jared Leto and Margot Robbie's The Joker and Harley Quinn, respectively, from Suicide Squad is set to make an appearance in PUBG. The report says playable character skins will be available sometime soon.

At the moment, the Game developer PUBG Corp. has not provided much when it comes to details of the skins. The official release date has not been revealed yet and the only announcement made by PUBG Corp. was the skins will be "coming soon." A trailer features the characters drop and showed Joker and Harley Quinn break out of Miramar's prison. Unfortunately, this is about as much information that is available for the meantime.

Nothing is sure of whether the skins will be available in a limited time or not. Some predictions are saying it will potentially be accompanied by a new game mode or will just take part in the same old game of survival, which the standard PUBG is set to provide.

Moreover, the addition of iconic characters Harley Quinn and the Joker to PUBG did make one thing clear - the Battle Royale games have already chosen their side in the comic wars. The decision of DC to allow its characters to PUBG compliments the moves made by Marvel. It can be recalled how the latter teamed up with Fortnite for a Thanos cameo in that game.

Mad Titan's was accompanied by a limited-run game mode as well. This was directly tied in with the release of Avengers: Infinity War. Players were reportedly given the chance to find the Infinity Gauntlet and use it to transform into the Mad Titan in the midst of gameplay.

At that moment, there does not seem to be any DC film featuring Harley Quinn or even the Joker scheduled any time soon. However, the Aquaman reportedly hits theaters on December 14. reported the official video release in PUBG's official Twitter account showing the Gotham City-based criminal duo's inclusion in the prominent online game. In the video, the outfit of the two characters was described, with Harley wearing a familiar shirt, ripped fishnets, and armed with a baseball bat. Joker, on the other hand, wears his nightclub outfit and "Damaged" tattoo famously featured across the forehead.

In the end, the supervillain couple managed to cut through the opposition in the video with fiendish efficiency.

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