YES24 Released Statement Regarding Lee Jong Suk's Detainment In Indonesia

Lee Jong Suk
(Photo: Facebook/Lee Jong Suk)

YES24 released an official statement on November 6 regarding the delayed departure of Lee Jong Suk from Jakarta, Indonesia after a fan meeting earlier this week.

The actor shared a post on Instagram, saying his and his staff's passports were taken away from them and were denied departure from Indonesia, but they were supposed to go back to Korea last November 4. The post was then deleted by Lee Jong Suk after the matter has been reported. The actor returns to South Korea on November 6, and his agency said he return home safely with the help of the Indonesian embassy and also released a statement regarding the incident, noting their plans to take legal action.

Events agency Yumemoto also apologized to the actor and said they would take full responsibility for the matter as they took part in organizing the fan meeting in Jakarta. Meanwhile, according to Soompi, the promoter of Lee Jong Suk's fan meeting was the Indonesian branch of YES24, and they released an official statement as well and apologized to the actor, the staff members, and anyone involved in the incident.

The statement revealed the visa consulting agent told YES24 Indonesia they encounter internal problems regarding the issuance of performance visas so that the event couldn't take place. But then, the internal problems have been resolved and thought there were no issues with the visas. YES24 Indonesia said they trusted the visa agent, so they went on to continue with the fan meeting as originally planned.

However, when Lee Jong Sung and his staff members arrived in Jakarta, YES24 Indonesia found out they were issued tourist visa - not performance visas. Still, they went on with the fan meeting although they were issued with wrong visas. YES24 Indonesia said the local immigration office informed them there were issues with the visas after the event, but they thought they could resolve it immediately, so they didn't inform Lee Jong Sung and his staff members about the matter.

They sincerely apologized to the actor and his team for the huge inconvenience as their departure has been delayed for a day due to the process of resolving the problem. YES24 also clarified the tax evasion allegations, saying that it's not true. The promoter also apologized for causing a misunderstanding with Lee Jong Suk as they didn't reveal the truth immediately. They visited Lee Jong Suk's agency and his team to personally say their apologies. Moreover, they will be resolving the compensation issues through discussion with the actor's side.

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