Tesla Makes Changes to the Model S and Model X at a Cost

The Tesla Model X at the Paris auto show
The Tesla Model X is seen on the second press day of the Paris auto show, in Paris, France, October 3, 2018. (Photo: Reuters / Regis Duvignau)

Tesla is a company known for its daring designs and innovative electrical automobiles. But the eclectic automobile company is not immune to shutting doors on old practices and products to make way for what it believes to be a better offering for its customers.

Tesla founder and CEO, Elon Musk, recently posted about the potential changes to some of Tesla's productions on Twitter. Musk mentions that both the Tesla Model S and Model X will have limited interior configurations by Nov. 1. While the Tesla CEO gave the heads up about the customization changes, it seems that Tesla is changing more than just their customizability options.

Electrek recently got the scoop about what exactly Tesla was changing for its two premium electric vehicles. The Tesla Model S and Model X - far from the cheapest Tesla vehicles that money can buy - have apparently gained slight price changes aside from the limited customization options hinted by Elon Musk last month.

According to the publication, the base Tesla Model S and X models are now at least $1000 more expensive, but the 100D versions of the vehicles have gotten a $500 price decrease. Regarding the interior customizability changes, fans of the Tesla vehicles will have to note that the Model S and Model X will now feature All Black Premium interior as its standard option with Cream and Black, and White Premium being a $1500 option.

But it seems that despite the standardized changes to the Model S and Model X, there are still premium options available for fans of Tesla. The P100D versions of the Tesla Model S and Model X will also feature ventilated and carbon fiber options for its interiors available in either All Black or Black and White. While the slight increase to the Tesla Model S and Model X's base models coupled with the decrease in pricing for the premium models and its options may seem like a fair trade off, the automobile manufacturer's standardization has some of its feature casualties.

The Model S will no longer include rear-facing child seats, a panoramic sunroof, limitations on the availability of 72 amp onboard chargers, and the 21-inch Black Arachnid wheels. Tesla fans looking for rear-facing child seats will apparently be recommended to look into the Tesla Model X instead. The Tesla Model X's changes include the discontinuation of the 6-seat center console configuration as well as the same limitation on the 72 amp onboard chargers.

Fans of Tesla's Model S and Model X who are thinking about purchasing one sometime soon will have to think about the new changes implemented by Elon Musk's company. Hopefully, even with the standardization, the new Tesla Model S and Model X's will have a satisfying customizability option for everyone.

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