Map Leak: Red Dead Redemption 2 Key Locations

Red Dead Redemption 2
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To all Red Dead Redemption 2 gamers and lovers out here, we're getting reports of the massive map, which is by the way reported to be unlocked. There's no doubt that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a huge success, this has already been proved by the number of sales we're seeing.

 We've therefore taken the initiative to delve deeper into the whole matter and bring you some of our findings regarding Red Dead Redemption 2's key locations and the full map in the game.

One thing that we know for sure is that the map covers a huge landscape and it's pretty vast. The extensive land covers the wilderness shacks to the cities all over the place. 

Mind you Rockstar is yet to confirm the precise size of the entire map but we're very certain that it's the largest to ever be created. According to a compilation done by the, we've found out lots of key instructions on how to unlock Red Dead Redemption 2 and the key locations that you ought to take a close look at, so pay attention. 

A description of Valentine, in The Heartlands, talks of the vast land as being rough, tumble town that's wild in nature. The setting is ideal for livestock traders, gamblers, ranchers, and cowboys, prostitutes, and outlaws. All these folks are in the place trying to get some money from their dealings. Amidst all this, they're having a great deal of fun. 

Taking a look at Annenberg, located in Roanoke Ridge, this spot is a hell of a challenge for the miners. It's a spot that has been providing coal for the Lannahechee River region. The working conditions are pretty bad, more-so because of the terrible and little pay. At the end of the day, most men have lost their lives in this spot.

On the other hand, the town of Saint-Denis, which is situated in Bayou NWA, is one of the key entry points to North America. It's an ideal trade route that extends throughout the countries length. Taking a look at Saint-Denis, this spot is one of the ideal locations for the different cultures and folks that run different businesses. Here, you'll find laborers, thieves, socialites, and other folks.

The other key area of interest is the Mount Hagen, this one here is located in the Grizzlies. It's a snow-capped peak, it towers right above the Lake Isabella to the west and Beartooth Beck to the east. This spot is ideal for passage into the western mountain range and joins up with the Dakota River further south.

Talking about Rhodes, this spot is located in the Scarlett Meadows. This is where you find a chilled out environment from the superficial perspective but if you delve deeper you find that there's lots of corruption running on the underground.

Of interest is the other location identified as the Strawberry. It's located in the Big Valley. This can be described as a small logging town before the new mayor made his way. Then we have the East Coast. This region is pretty obsessed with culture amusements you'll find lost of tourists here.

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