Lyft Eyes A New Rewards Program and It's Not Just For Drivers

Lyft's pink car mustache
Lyft's pink car mustache (Photo: Pkg203 / Creative Commons)

The success of services such as Uber and Lyft has definitely solidified the importance of ride-sharing in people's lives. While those in the industry know that competition is stiff, it looks like Lyft is ready to up the ante not just for its drivers, but also their customers.

Providing rewards to its market is hardly a new practice for Lyft. Lyft business riders might already be familiar with the ride-sharing company's Business Profiles service.

Similar to frequent flyer miles, Lyft's Business Profiles service provides extra perks for any riders using Lyft as their preferred transportation service provider. Of interest is how Lyft's business riders also get Delta SkyMiles for every ride they take through Lyft. But Lyft's riders are not only limited to those who use Lyft as part of their work.

In addition to the Business Profiles services rewards program, Lyft's recently also announced the availability of subscription-based plans last October. Named the All-Access Plan, Lyft's subscription service is targetted towards frequent Lyft users who are already particularly loyal to the brand for their commute services.

Still, neither the Business Profiles service or the All-Access Plan cater to a majority of Lyft's customers. But it seems that Lyft has found an opportunity to take the mechanics of the Business Profile service to attain the goal of brand loyalty inherent in the subscription plan.

In a recent blog post from Lyft, the ride-sharing service announced the launch of their first rider loyalty program. Lyft riders will be able to participate in the loyalty program by accumulating points. Riders can accumulate points through the continuous use of the Lyft's services.

Some of the Lyft loyalty program rewards teased by the blog post include free upgrades to Lyft's deluxe service or potential discounts to future rides. Lyft also promises that the loyalty program rewards will not be limited to the rewards detailed in the post as Lyft will be taking rider feedback into account when expanding their reward options.

Lyft's expansion into providing rider-focused rewards comes just at the right time after their subscription plan announcement. While the All-Access Plan sounds like a perfect companion, Lyft has yet to reveal details on how exactly their new rider loyalty program will interact with All-Access Plan subscribers.

Lyft riders who are excited to start earning points from the ride-sharing service may have to sit tight for a while until Lyft officially rolls out the rider loyalty program on Dec. 2018 to select riders. Hopefully, the rider loyalty program will be in full swing sometime in 2019.

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