Apple's New iPad Pro 2018 Is A Terror Underneath The Hardware

Attendees try out the new iPad Pro during an Apple launch event in the Brooklyn borough of New York
Attendees try out the new iPad Pro during an Apple launch event in the Brooklyn borough of New York, U.S., October 30, 2018 (Photo: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/File Photo)

Apple's recent Hardware Event last October had some pretty exciting announcements for fans of Apple's periphery devices. But it seems that the iPad Pro 2018 is not as great as everyone thought it was.

Apple's confidence in their pseudo-laptop tablet is best exemplified in their marketing of the iPad Pro 2018, which emphasized the unit's utility for regular tasks that usually require a laptop. The iPad Pro 2018 may be a cut above its older siblings - even rumored to outperform earlier Mac and MacBook models - but where it lacks the most is not in the performance category.  

Ars Technica recently reviewed the iPad Pro 2018 to mixed reception. According to the publication, the iPad Pro's position as a "productivity machine" does provide surprises for its user, but the software based on Apple's proprietary mobile device operating system - iOs - seems to be strangling the device's performance. But the iPad Pro 2018's hardware maintenance ease is a different story.

Ifixit recently went through a step-by-step process of dismantling an iPad Pro 2018 to see how easily Apple's new tablet could undergo maintenance procedures. Unfortunately for readers, the simple act of trying to remove the iPad Pro 2018's rear panel is already a tech support nightmare that requires extra care - even beyond the usual caution required for older iPad models.

Ifixit's tech support nightmare continues as they trudge on in the dismantling of the iPad Pro 2018. The publication notes that opening up the new iPad Pro 2018 requires delicate application of force even after having removed the device's backplate.

In addition to the fragile nature of the device when undergoing maintenance, Ifixit notes that the iPad Pro 2018 makes use of a significant amount of adhesive to keep certain parts covered and in place. The publication even discovers an unpleasant amount of adhesive when they try to remove the iPad Pro 2018's battery - a procedure which can most likely happen as the device ages.

Considering Ifixit's comprehensive exploration of the iPad Pro 2018's innards, potential buyers should be wary about the Ipad Pro 2018. Buyers should keep in mind that while the device may be powerful enough to use for daily work tasks, they may spend a significant amount of time troubleshooting its harware failures and maintenance.

With the iPad Pro 2018 priced at a base cost of $799 for the 11-inch display and $999 for the 12-inch display, future owners of the device will have to take extra care of what is hopefully not their primary work device. For now, prospective iPad Pro 2018 ownerst should probably make the best use of any backup method they know if they plan to use the device as their workstation.

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