Looking For A Safe Place To Visit This Holiday? Come Visit Iceland

iceland (Photo: Icaland Travel/ Twitter)

Exploring the world is exciting. Being lost in an unfamiliar place, enjoying the artistic and picturesque view of its nature, meeting new and amazing people, and eating unique mouth-watering local delicacies will surely leave a huge mark in your heart. But unfortunately, traveling is not all beauty, excitement, adventure, and happiness. There is also its dark side-- crimes, natural disasters, and contagious diseases.

Though it is risky to visit some countries, there are still other places, which can still be considered perfectly safe for tourists. According to a new travel safety index, which was produced by Which? Travel, if you want to enjoy your vacation to the fullest, try visiting the safest country in the world-- Iceland.

The travel safety index was made based on the statistics gathered from four agencies. These agencies include the World Risk Report (for major natural disasters), the World Economic Forum (for crime rates), the NHS Fit for Travel (for health risks), and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (for terrorism risk level).

After examining the data gathered, results revealed how the Nordic Island got the lowest threat for natural disasters, health and crime risks as compared to other popular holiday destinations making it the best and safest country in the world for tourists. Followed by UAE and Singapore respectively, as posted by Country Living.

When it comes to the crime rate, it was in 2000 when a heart-breaking crime happened that left 36 people dead because of murder in Iceland. Though it may seem tragic, the average is still just two death rates per year-still too low to disqualify Iceland to be considered as the most peaceful place in the world.

Because of its geographical location, Iceland usually experiences earthquakes about 500 every week due to active volcanoes present around its territory. But the World Risk Report says it is still not enough to label the country as a dangerous place to visit for tourist since these earthquakes are usually mild and can't bring forth so much havoc to the people living or staying here. It is still pretty safe to stay here no matter what season is.

Everything about Iceland seems perfect, except for one thing: terrorism. Every nation is still susceptible from terrorist aliens no matter how tight the security is. But the government assures its visitors that though there is still a possibility of an attack in the future, the risks are still lesser compared to other countries.

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