Samsung Galaxy F Possible Price and Release Date For 2019

Samsung unveils foldable screen smart phone in San Francisco
Samsung unveils foldable screen smart phone in San Francisco (Photo: Screenshot via Samsung_Dev Youtube Channel / Samsung)

With the smartphone world still reeling from Samsung's massive announcement of its future folding phone - which the public is calling the Samsung Galaxy F unofficially - fans are not really expecting news about it so soon. But it looks like the Samsung Galaxy F now has a lead on price and release date.

The South Korean news agency Yonhap recently covered the news that Samsung might release the Samsung Galaxy F sometime in early 2019. According to the publication, Samsung Electronics President Koh Dong-jin mentions releasing the Samsung Galaxy F within the first half of 2019. Koh Dong-jin also mentions that smartphone enthusiasts can apparently expect at least 1 million units of the Samsung Galaxy F to be initially produced.

The publication's sources also confirm that the Samsung Galaxy F will be released in March 2019, following the Samsung Galaxy S10's release in February 2019. Yonhap does not that while an official price for the Samsung Galaxy F has yet to be released, industry experts are expecting the new foldable smartphone to be priced at around $1800. At that price point, the Samsung Galaxy F will be released way above the market price of a lot of high-end smartphones of the current generation.

While fans of Samsung devices can expect the Samsung Galaxy S10 to be 5G ready when it releases next year, the same cannot be said for the Samsung Galaxy F. Yonhap's report includes the claim that those waiting for the Samsung Galaxy F should be prepared for the upcoming phone to not yet have 5G support. The lack of 5G support may seem like a downside considering that the Samsung Galaxy F might release at a particularly high price point.

Aside from the Samsung Galaxy F's price and potential release date, Yonhap also notes that Samsung's new foldable phone will have a 4.6-inch display when folded, and a 7.4 -inch screen when unfolded. Beyond the upcoming phone's dimensions, not much of the phone's physical look has been revealed due to Samsung keeping the look under wraps. But tech enthusiasts such as Youtuber Content Creator can help any Samsung fan get a better picture of what the Samsung Galaxy F might look like when it gets released.

With much of the information about the Samsung Galaxy F currently being speculation, fans waiting for the new foldable smartphone will have to wait a bit longer to confirm Yonhap's story. With the lack of 5G support and what seems to be a thicker profile when folded, the Samsung Galaxy F will hopefully have other features that could justify a potentially $1800 price tag.

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