'Fallout 76's' Launch Day Show's Surprising Player Behaviour

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(Photo: Fallout 76 Screenshot by Bethesda Softworks)

Bethesda's announcement at the Electronic Entertainment Expo earlier this year to introduce a fully multiplayer experience to their "Fallout" franchise may have gotten some backlash regarding their angelic view on how players might behave in game. But it turns out, Bethesda's faith in their fans and players may have payed off with "Fallout 76."

With "Fallout 76" a day into its launch, fans of Bethesda's post-apocalyptic role-playing franchise have started to share their experiences with the game's released state. In a coverage by The Verge, it seems "Fallout 76" players have defied expectations of bad behaviour that the public was predicting after Bethesda's announcement.

One of the focuses of The Verge's story is Youtube user Many A True Nerd who is known for his content focused upon Bethesda's "Fallout" franchise. According to the publication, Many A True Nerd has been helping new players he encounters in-game by providing them with needed supplies and tips that he has garnered by being one of "Fallout 76's" beta players.

Some players apparently do not just stop at providing supplies to new players. The publication does note that some "Fallout 76" players focus on building communities that can thrive by working together. Still, Many A True Nerd is one of the prime public examples of most player behaviour in the wake of "Fallout 76."

Still, the public's predicted bad player behaviour is present in some way in "Fallout 76." The Verge notes that there are people who still resort to harassing their fellow players - such as the example of a random player chasing another player while stripped of clothing - it does not seem to be the norm. While trolling and griefing behaviour is not totally absent from the game, it is by far overshadowed by the helpful and supportive community of veteran "Fallout 76" players.

Kotaku's Ethan Gach recently published a review for "Fallout 76." According to Gach, "Fallout 76's" primary experience was not significantly different from the main "Fallout" games produced by Bethesda prior to their dabbling in online multiplayer. But of interest in Gach's review is his observation that "Fallout 76" veterans take an active involvement in an event called "Reclamation Day."

In "Reclamation Day" more experienced players help out new players by assisting them in their first journey in "Fallout 76." The assistance can range from as significant as providing helpful starting equipment, to as simple as giving new players an in-game beer item as a gesture of welcome. Gach's experience with "Fallout 76" confirms The Verge's observation that helping newer players out seems to be the norm for "Fallout 76's" veterans.  

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