Toyota Launches 2020 Corolla in China: The Car To Go Global by 2019

Introducing the all new re-imagined and reconfigured 2020 Toyota #Corolla.
Introducing the all new re-imagined and reconfigured 2020 Toyota #Corolla. (Photo: Toyota USA/Facebook)

After a superlative round of rumors and speculations, 2020 Toyota Corolla is finally here. The spectacular car made its first ever world premiere debut in Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China. Toyota also stated during this occasion that the latest Corolla will be launched in 150 countries throughout the world. The car is beast in making and will flaunt top class performance on the road, as per the claims of the company.

According to carandbike by NDTV, the car will be firstly marketed in China. The primary sales of the new Corolla and Levin will begin after the mid-2019 in the country. Besides these, Toyota will also launch sporty models with the focus for Corolla's popularity in Japan. Potential sources have suggested that the company will possibly launch the new sedan and wagon variants of the car exclusively for its Japanese customers.

Yoshiki Konishi, chief engineer of the models of 2020 Toyota Corolla stated, "We have striven to design new models that are eye-catching, and fun to both ride in and drive. By enhancing not just the fun factors that are unique to cars, but "connectivity" functions to create new value, I wanted to make this new model a car that enriches mobility for customers around the world. I believe the Corolla series, with its millions of customers around the world, is a key touchstone model for gauging the success of Toyota's "making ever-better cars" philosophy carried out through TNGA. I am confident that customers will see that Toyota's car-making has changed significantly."

As per another report by, since its very first advent in 1966, Toyota Corolla has been a world leader, in terms of luxury vehicles, throughout the world. The report also stated that over 40 million units of the car have been sold throughout these years. The latest 2020 Toyota Corolla has already undergone a total of one million kilometers of test driving in five continents. 

The newest version comes with 4.2-inch gauge cluster display, 2.0-litre Dynamic Force Engine, Direct Shift-CVT, 6-speed manual transmission and other specs which are already extraordinary as well as revolutionary. Apart from these, the 2020 Toyota Corolla will have Hybrid models, which will boast hybrid technology based electrified attributes.

The car flaunts an ethnic outlook with classy and exclusive trends of design. Toyota has focused on relevant safety measures as well. The 2020 Toyota Corolla comes with the company's exclusive 'Toyota Safety Sense.' The company is expected to ship the car by the first phase of 2020, all over the globe. 

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