Best iOS 12 Jailbreak Exploit Will Be Released Soon

A customer compares the size of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at the Apple Store in Singapore
A customer compares the size of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at the Apple Store in Singapore September 21, 2018. (Photo: REUTERS/Edgar Su)

Since Apple released its newest software, the iOS 12 to the public in September 2018, many users that upgraded to the latest version have been contemplating whether or not the update is worth it. But most users are also confident that they will be able to break into the core of the multi-faceted performance of a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

It has been months, but it seems that the wait is almost over. According to FCE365, a known security researcher @S0rryMyBad, who is part of the 360 Vulcan security team will soon release the iOS 12.1 or 12.0 exploit.

It can be recalled when a report suggested that another infamous developer named Kudima or known as BigD submitted a WebKit RCE that can exploit to the GitHub repository, which means that an iOS 12 jailbreak is quite positive. Despite many attempts in the previous weeks, most of the released exploits cannot be used as they were mostly PoCs or otherwise restricted to SandBox or Mobile-owned processes.

It is said that @S0rryMyBad's exploits are most reliable yet that can be used directly in a jailbreak that is extremely neat in working for post-exploitation like Electra or Unc0ver. It can also work in Osiris Jailbreak.

@S0rryMyBad just received the biggest award at TianfuCup 2018 for getting a full success on iPhone X by means of successfully exploiting a type confusion JIT bug in Safari as well as a UaF bug in the iOS Kernel. These remarkably ended up to having a jailbreak at TianfuCup 2018.

Despite the odds, many developers and security researchers have been doing the best they can to have an iOS 12 jailbreak, which is pretty hard for them since the public release of the latest version was set in place. Many of them are hopeful that there will be a jailbreak for the new software soon.

Apple is also hard at work to make its new software more difficult to liberate - adding solid security improvements, including the production of a CoreTrust framework, which checks and validates all signatures to guarantee that they're Apple-certified. Even Luca Todesco, a known Yalu developer, previously said that there is still hope for the iOS 12 jailbreak following his hacked demos on the latest software.

On the other hand, @S0rryMyBad also recommended to keep using the iOS 12.1 or its forerunner to a more successful jailbreak soon. He will keep everyone posted with the exploits as soon as the tech giant patches them. FCE365 suggested that these exploits are the best yet so far.

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