Elon Musk Wants to Push the Limit on Tesla's Service App Personalization

Elon Musk Soon To Be As Rich As The Now-Richest Man In The World, Jeff Bezos
Musk’s net worth is $19.5 billion, and if his company reaches its $100-billion-dollar goal, he’ll be as rich as Bezos. (Photo: REUTERS/Kyle Grillot)

Elon Musk may be known for taking risks that could make anyone else think twice about a decision, but the Tesla and SpaceX CEO's risk-taking has rewarded his companies with undeniable success. In the more recent news, it seems Elon Musk wants to take another risk with the Tesla customer core experience and his idea looks to be within reason this time around.

Elon Musk's latest idea involves diversifying the customer Tesla app to include access to mobile auto-service. In a tweet by Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO mentions allowing drivers in need of mechanical assistance to call a Tesla mobile service van to assist them wherever they are. Tesla's newest service can help Tesla owners who have issues such as flat tires or minor vehicular accidents which might need a trained professional to resolve.

In addition to assistance with cases such as flat tires and minor vehicular issues, Elon Musk's newest idea for the Tesla app can also assist customers that may require towing of their vehicles for servicing. Customers can expect their Tesla vehicles to be picked up or dropped off by mobile Tesla Rangers for cases which cannot be resolved remotely and not requiring the use of a car lift for transport

To add to Tesla's willingness to go above and beyond what is expected, simply servicing a vehicle remotely is not enough for the electric vehicle company. Elon Musk himself confirms that should a situation require the need for an alternative vehicle, Tesla is more than willing to provide their customers with a service loaner along with the remote service.

According to Cnet, Elon Musk's customers may already be familiar with how useful the Tesla app is in its current state, with Tesla car owners able to control many of their vehicle's functions just through the app. Users of the Tesla mobile app can even automate sensitive parking maneuvers such as trying to back out of a tight parking space. But the inclusion of an easily accessible road-side assistance service to the Tesla app definitely adds value to the company's brand.

The publication also points out that Elon Musk's new initiative for remote assistance through the Tesla app fits well with Tesla's reputation for excellent post-sale experiences. Just earlier this month, Tesla - under Elon Musk's leadership - took the risk and acquired a number of trucking companies to help the company deliver customer orders on time before 2018 ends. If the dedication to achieving customer satisfaction is not enough, those who would benefit from the earlier delivery dates will also be able to take advantage of their electric vehicle tax incentives in full.

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