Samsung Galaxy S10 Gets New Leak About Expected Screen Features

SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Lilac Purple
SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Lilac Purple (Photo: Aaron Yoo/Flickr)

Being Samsung's flagship series of the near future, the Galaxy S10 key features and aesthetics are under increasing scrutiny as 2019 approaches. But it seems that Samsung's awaited smartphone has enough public information for fans to guess its final look if this recent leak turns out to be true.

According to Phone Arena, Samsung smartphone fans waiting for official confirmation about the Galaxy S10 may have to expect a 5.8-inch screen diagonal standard model to be on of the available offerings for the much-awaited smartphone. The publication points to a Korean report by ET News about Samsung's material suppliers for the Galaxy S10 which also mentions the available screen sizes for the concerned smartphone.

Galaxy S10 enthusiasts can apparently expect a 5.8-inch diagonal flat screen base model, a more premium model of the same size but with a curved edge screen, and the top-of-the-line variant to have a 6.2-inch screen diagonal with curved panels. In addition to the screen sizes, the ET News report also confirms that Samsung will be using the new materials to update the Galaxy S10 to the new OLED generation currently called "M9."

The leak about the Galaxy S10's standard screen sizes just comes a few days after speculation about the Galaxy S10's supposed "Infinity-O" displays. Rumors have been focused on the promise that Samsung will be able to deliver bezel-free Galaxy S10 devices through the use of a new screen manufacturing material that can allow the smartphone manufacturer to provide its customers with a larger screen area while retaining the functionality of front-facing sensors and devices.

But Phone Arena's confirmation of the upcoming Galaxy S10's screen sizes is not the only exciting news that Samsung smartphone fans can expect this week. According to BGR (via Slashleaks), actual photos of the rumored "Infinity-O" display for the Galaxy S10 have finally been leaked. The publication has acquired pictures heavily edited to ensure no identifying markers about the leaker are visible but leaves the most interesting bits of the anticipated phone clear for viewing.

While BGR's photo exposé only features a single model and currently does not confirm which version of the Galaxy S10 is featured, it does give fans a clear picture of the screen hole at the corner of the screen. Galaxy S10 speculationists and enthusiasts will know that this leak could provide more solid confirmation about Samsung's promise for a screen area experience unimpeded by the presence of the front-facing camera.

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