Tesla Model 3 Gets Cold-Weather Tweaks But They May Not Be Enough

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The Tesla Model 3 is getting a significant update for winter season automobile owner woes. But what may surprise most Tesla Model 3 owners is the fact that Tesla aims to solve such problems with a simple software update.

According to Road Show by CNET, users are reporting having trouble disconnecting the Tesla Model 3 charging plug in cold weather. In addition, some Tesla Model 3 owners are also having issues getting their windows to open and close automatically due to the drops in temperature.

To solve the issue, Tesla recently rolled out a software update for the Tesla Model 3 which changed the window position and charge connector locking behaviors to function better in the cold weather. The electric vehicle manufacturing company does not provide additional details as to how the specific locking behaviors have been modified to work better in lower temperatures.

The publication notes that issues such as frozen locks and stuck windows are not isolated to Tesla's own electric vehicles. But the fact that cold weather issues for the Tesla Model 3 could easily be fixed through a software update is an impressive solution. But it seems that despite the software update roll-out for the Tesla Model 3, cold weather is still a significant issue for Tesla owners.

Electrek provides additional details to the cold-weather updates made by Tesla for the Tesla Model 3. According to the publication, Tesla may have modified the Model 3's windows to no longer completely seal itself during cold weather. This change allows Tesla Model 3 users to safely open their vehicles in cold weather.

Unfortunately, Electrek points out that the specific tweak wastes energy for the vehicle's cabin warming function as the cold from the outside is now able to enter the Tesla Model 3. In addition, it seems that despite the update, there are still issues with how the automatic opening and closing of the Tesla Model 3's windows occur. The publication notes that despite the update, the Tesla Model 3's windows now have issues opening all the way down while also being accompanied by an unpleasant noise.

While the Tesla Model 3 is still having issues with its windows in cold weather, the publication notes that they have yet to experience the locking of the charging port due to the cold weather. It seems that while an update might have been helpful up to a certain point, Tesla Model 3 owners wills just have to be extra careful when opening up their car doors in extreme cold weather.

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