Lamborghini Day Takes Place in South Korea After Japan

Lamborghini Day in Seoul
(Photo: YouTube/Lamborghini)

The rich in Japan are usually private citizens who'd rather keep themselves away from prying eyes. However, this week they made an exemption as they showcase their love for their sports cars.

What no other country could pull

There were a total of 200 Lamborghinis who rolled the streets of Yokohama. Every top honcho was in attendance. It includes Giorgio Starace, from the Italian Embassy and Stefano Domenicali, CEO, Lamborghini.

Yokohama Parade

It wasn't your typical exhibit were cars were simply inside a showroom. What the Lamborghini PR and marketing team pulled was a brilliant idea. The drive took them around the city of Yokohama. It was surely a visual-feast for everyone.

Aventador, Huracan, and a Twin-Turbo V8 Urus

A variety of Lamborghini owners from a Miura, LM002, a Diablo, a Countach, a Gallardo, and a Murcielago made the roster. A Huracan, Aventador and a twin-turbo Urus, seemed to be the flagship models of the parade.

A Huge Party

A lavish party followed the Yokohama parade. It was more of like a thanksgiving party on the part of Lamborghini.

Lamborghini's CEO was overheard, "Japan is a very important market for us. I would like to reinforce our gratitude to the long-time patronage of our Japanese customers who have built such strong bonds with the marque."

He further added, " We stay very much in touch with our customers here, and look forward to building on the marque's strength with the Japanese market introduction of our new Super SUV Urus, which brings an even broader audience to the brand," Carbuzz reported.

Let's Not Forget About Doing Charity

However, it wasn't all about showing off prized Italian sports car, the event was also brought together for a cause. Osaka and Hokkaido were the most stricken by disasters, including a few other cities.

Lamborghini partnered with Japan Red Cross for a charity auction. The entire proceeds will be donated to the latter to help out the cities earlier mentioned.

The Next Lamborghini party

Last 26th, Monday Seoul held its own version of a Lamborghini party. It wasn't because the South Koreans got Jealous of Japan's recent parade of Italian sports cars. It was actually part of the Italian carmaker's planned series of events.

It's South Korea's Turn!

Lamborghini Day in South Korea took place in its capital, Seoul. The carmaker's foray into the SUV segment resulted in the 'Urus.'

The Italian car manufacturer aims to have a bigger audience as it premiered their SUV in two of Asia's most prosperous cities.

This was nothing but an awesome move. People are definitely looking forward to more Lamborghini Days.

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