Joint China-Singapore Operation Nabs Vice Syndicate

China's Xinjiang district
China’s government has spent billions to firms giving a hi-tech system of cameras and "re-education focuses", due to the construction of a vast, all-seeing police state in its far west. (Photo: AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

A joint China-Singapore operation nabbed 201 suspects after a successful operation against a top vice syndicate. The operation was revealed on Monday by the Singapore Police Force.

The joint operation was conducted by China's Ministry of Public Security and the Singaporean police. The coordinated operation ran between Oct. 22 and Nov. 23. Collectively, the operation raided a total of 83 locations in Singapore and various regions of China. The raids were conducted simultaneously in order to make sure that accomplices will not be able to alert their group.

Of the 201 suspects, 185 were arrested in Singapore. Of which, 12 were men and 173 were women. The rest of the suspects were arrested in China. Based on the preliminary investigation, the vice syndicated based in China operated a website which peddles sexual services of Chinese women. While the operation is based in China, the main target of which is Singapore.

According to people with insider knowledge of the investigation, the syndicate sometimes made arrangements for the women to travel to Singapore. Once there, these women allegedly carried out various vice activities in private apartments in the heart of Singapore.

The raids in Singapore confiscated nearly 70,000 Singaporean dollars in cash. Among those seized were various equipment including laptops and mobile phones. As for the raid in China, the operation seized 420,000 yuan.

In a statement released to the public, Deputy Commissioner of Police Investigation and Intelligence Division Florence Chua said, "This successful joint operation is a result of the close collaboration between the SPF and MPS, People's Republic of China"

In a subsequent statement, the police stated that property owners play a vital part in preventing said vice activities. The police added that apartment owners should conduct regular check-ups on their tenants in order to make sure that no illicit activities are being done in their property.

Based on Singaporean law, property owners that knowingly rent their apartments to any person for the use of vice-related activities are facing a jail term of up to three years and fine of up to 3,000 Singaporean dollars. Repeat offenders will also face up to five years in jail and fine of up to 10,000 Singaporean dollars.

In addition to this, any male person who will be convicted to a second offense will be liable to caning on top of any imprisonment term imposed in respect of his offense.

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