'Pokemon Go' Finally Lets You Battle With Other Trainers

Pokemon Go Trainer Battles Coming Soon
Pokemon Go Trainer Battles Coming Soon (Photo: Pokemon Go / Niantic / Nintendo)

When Niantic first released "Pokemon Go," they promised an exciting pokemon trainer experience using their augmented reality but the game's initial release simply focused on finding and catching pokemon - a far cry from the vision proposed by Niantic's original marketing push. But over the years, "Pokemon Go" has slowly evolved due to Niantic's dedication which will be bringing one of the most awaited updates to the game soon.

According to Polygon, "Pokemon Go" will finally be able to offer pokemon trainers the chance to battle amongst themselves. Rather than relying on the game's current gym mechanic, players will be able to battle both friends and other "Pokemon Go" players locally and remotely.

Polygon notes that when the "Pokemon Go" trainer battle feature is finally released, players can look forward to features beyond simply battling other trainers. Some of the features that players can expect include the ability to friends through the "Pokemon Go" friends list remotely. Also, if players join a trainer league, they will be able to generate battle codes which can be shared in-person with another trainer to initiate a "Pokemon Go" battle.

For the battle experience itself, the publication notes that players can expect the real-time "Pokemon Go" battle system to be used. Players will be able to prepare and customize a team of up to six pokemon to challenge other "Pokemon Go" players once trainer battles are live.

Pokemon battle rewards are available for "Pokemon Go" trainers who dedicatedly battle with both friends and other "Pokemon Go" players. While players can battle for an unlimited number of times a day, battle rewards are not available for every battle as they are limited to a daily cap of three battles.

Players who are concerned that they may need some training before taking on other more experienced "Pokemon Go" trainers have an additional surprise once the battle update hits. "Pokemon Go" will feature a training mode that allows players to challenge the "Pokemon Go" Team captains and will also provide a daily battle reward when fought. This allows players the chance to enjoy the new battle system without having to be forced to look for other "Pokemon Go" players out in the wild.

Niantic has yet to release an official date for when "Pokemon Go" trainer battles will be fully introduced into the game but that has not stopped the game studio from promoting the upcoming feature heavily on Twitter. With the list of promised features for "Pokemon Go" finally filling out, the introduction of trainer battles is sure to bring back more excitement to the game even with its already dedicated fan-base.

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