Katy Perry Outbids Fan, Pays $50,000 To Date Her Own Boyfriend


Katy Perry recently paid 50 thousand US dollars or more than 343 thousand Chinese Yuan in order to date his own boyfriend "The Lord of the Rings" English actor Orlando Bloom after outbidding a fan during a charity auction that happened at the stage of "One Love" charity concert held in Malibu, California at King Gillette Ranch in Calabasas on Sunday.

One of the bids in the charity show, which aimed to give more financial support to people who have negatively been affected by the Woolsey fire that just happened in the city, include a date with Perry's boyfriend with inclusions such as a 45-minute motorcycle ride and a lunch date, as posted by E! News.

The "California Girls" singer encouraged the audience to bid for her boyfriend by saying, "That also means that when you're on the motorcycle with him, you're holding him in a way that I am not excited about! You're holding his pecs and his six-pack - and it's so glorious!" She also added, that with dating her guy, the lucky bidder can get to hold the actor for 45 minutes and even get the chance to stare to his beautiful hazel eyes.

Several moments after she made her plea for the crowd, a fan named Laura bid $20,000, which left people to cheer with delight.

But unfortunately, Perry immediately put a period on the dreams of a fan to date her favorite actor when she said, "Laura! Girl you're going to love this," before outbidding Laura by $30,000. Then she further exclaimed, "Laura, I'm sorry. I'm buying it for $50,000." After saying that, she dropped the mic, and head off the stage.

Katy's bold move to express her love and affection to Orlando earned mixed reactions from the crowd. Some cheered with delight and jealousy, but others felt bad for Laura, who for sure is broken-hearted after gaining some hope that she'll be dating one of the most handsome actors of Hollywood and be left hanging in the end.

The "Unconditionally" singer is one of the artists who performed in the charity event. Other performers who shared their talent for the victims of the fire are Joe Walsh, Gwen Stefani, Rick Springfield, Macy Gray, Best Coast, Natasha Bedingfield, Robin Thick, Brandi Carlile, Chad Smith of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Brandon Boyd, Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters, Mike Einziger and Ben Kenney of Incubus, Nick Valensi, Rita Wilson, Dorothy, Pete Molinari, and Angel Haze, according to Hollywood Reporter.

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