WWE: New Day Not Breaking Up Soon Says Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods
Xavier Woods (Photo: photo by Ryan Patrick)

The New Day holds the distinction of being one of the most successful tag teams in the WWE. And if Xavier Woods (also known as Austin Creed) is to be believed, it seems that the trio will be together for a long time.

Woods landed in the Philippines last Nov. 30 as part of his 2018 Asian Tour. Despite his busy schedule, the 32-year-old wrestler-entertainer took time out to be with fans and local media, updating them about the latest news about himself and the WWE.

Aside from the WWE, Woods made headlines not long after for comments he made directed at so-called “entitled fans”. It was actually a topic that Woods had proposed to media since most were asking about his YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown.

In that interview with the Manila Bulletin Sports Online, the New Day member aired out his grievance on fans who criticize pro-wrestling. Believing that the WWE does try to come up with the best to entertain viewers, Woods could not help but show his disappointment on the backlash.

And while most have taken exception to his comments, the day was not simply about raising controversies. Woods bared how his YouTube channel rose to fame and how its success has amazed him. To date, UpUpDownDown has 1.7 million followers, not bad for a show that needed a lot of twists and turns tackling the different video games that are available in the market.

Also asked was the state of the New Day and whether a singles career was one of the plans Woods had planned. Based on his response, it seems that the trio has no plans of breaking up. Instead, they will stay as a team – something that improves their chances at being successful at singles competition.

“I have no desire to leave New Day. We can pursue a singles title while being together. Besides, if you have two friends willing to help you, that’s gonna make it easier for you to become a singles champion,” said Woods in another article from MB Sports Online.

With a successful WWE career and YouTube channel, Woods admits that there are still a lot of things he wants in life. But it seems the most ultimate one is putting up a mobile game studio that would be labeled with “UpUpDownDown presents”.

Without question, Woods is pretty much hooked on video games and has somehow managed to juggle his time with it alongside wrestling and entertaining people. The 32-year-old has plenty of things planned ahead and so far his career remains in full throttle.


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