Jang Hyuk Will Try To Be Real-Life Cop In MBC Every1's 'City Police'

After the success of "Bad Papa," Jang Hyuk will return to the small screen, but with a very surprising role
After the success of "Bad Papa," Jang Hyuk will return to the small screen, but with a very surprising role (Photo: stuckonhyuk/Facebook)

After the success of "Bad Papa," Jang Hyuk will return to the small screen, but with a surprising role. The 41-year-old star will take part in MBC Every1's new show, "City Police," as the first ever star who will join the series to experience the life of a real policeman.

According to HelloKpop, news outlets confirmed Jang Hyuk's participation in "City Police." The show is reportedly the spin-off of another reality variety program, "Rural Police." On its fourth season, celebrities will have a chance to live like a policeman in the countryside.

Jang Hyuk will be partnering with a real-life police officer in "City Police." Here, they will perform the usual tasks of an official in the community like night patrols, guarding the public, solving residents' issues, and solving the traffic, among others.

However, unlike in "Rural Police," which is doing its missions in rural areas, "City Police" will hold its assignments in the city. It is said to be more challenging than the original show as the problems and crimes happening here are much worse.

"City Police" director PD Lee Soon Ok revealed that Jang Hyuk is the perfect actor to be on the show. He is also excited to see the "Money Flower" star in the series.

Jang Hyuk's new role as city police will be no different to his characters in movies and television series. His latest role as Yoo Ji Chul in "Bad Papa" turns to be a big success. Here, he plays a former mixed martial artist that eventually becomes a detective.

"Bad Papa" is a half-sport, half-family television series about a man who tries everything to overcome all the struggles in his life. But it is never an easy feat, per Soompi.

"Bad Papa" revolves to the life of Yoo Ji Chul, a former boxer who lost everything when he becomes a subject for a new drug trial to earn and provide for his family. Since it airs in October, it has received a lot of attention.

Yoo Ji Chul is a former boxing champion, who eventually becomes a cop. In Jang Hyuk's in-character pictures, he seems investigation a gambling area. By the looks of it, he is a hardworking father who will do everything for his family. However, no one respects him at home. He loses a suspect, his wife almost leaves him, he can't pay their rent and gives his daughter a knock-off purse.  

As he turns desperate to earn money, Yoo Ji Chul willingly participates to be a subject of a new clinical trial that gives him great strength and superpower. A lot of viewers love Jang Hyuk's role as he shows how a man will risk his life to save others. On the other hand, "City Police" will be out on December 10 on MBC.

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