Game Awards May Have A Surprise For 'Far Cry' Fans

Far Cry 5 Screenshot
Far Cry 5 Screenshot (Photo: Far Cry 5 / Ubisoft)

With much of the spotlight being on Ubisoft's other franchises during the biggest gaming events of 2018, the "Far Cry" franchise seemed to be lying low ever since it released "Far Cry 5" earlier in March of this year. But it looks like Ubisoft was simply taking a short break from one of its biggest franchises as the eve of the 2018 Game Awards approaches.

PC Gamer recently featured the latest teaser that Ubisoft released for their spot during the Game Awards to be held on Dec. 6. Fans of the "Far Cry" series will notice that the new trailer includes a callback to the setting and ending of the last game in the franchise, "Far Cry 5." Based on the trailer, it seems Ubisoft might be getting ready to announce the next installment in the "Far Cry" series of games but excited fans should consider a few minor details before jumping to the conclusion for "Far Cry 6."

The trailer opens up with a familiar scene for those who have finished "Far Cry 5" as the trailer shows a mushroom cloud blooming over the familiar sight of cornfields in what appears to be a Northwestern American setting. The narration describes a world reborn years after the effects of a nuclear fallout have been felt. With the trailer's end featuring what appears to be a crossbow firing circular saw discs for ammunition, it seems players can expect a post-apocalyptic theme for the upcoming "Far Cry" game.

As Gamespot notes, the Ubisoft "Far Cry" teaser does not mention if the upcoming announcement will specifically be a separate game from "Far Cry 5." With the last "Far Cry" game barely a year old, there is a small chance that the worldwide premiere of Ubisoft's announcement will be a whole new game that could be dubbed "Far Cry 6."

More likely, fans can expect the Ubisoft's announcement to be either a new "Far Cry" downloadable content (DLC) or a standalone spin-off similar to 2013's "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon." The publication does note that the new announcement being new DLC is less likely as "Far Cry 5" already has a significant amount of content for its last DLC season pass.

One of the few details that point towards a "Far Cry 5" spin-off is an old information teaser by non-other than Greg Bryk - voice of Joseph "The Father" Seed, the installment's primary antagonist. VGR covered the teaser that Greg Bryk's character will be returning for another installment in the "Far Cry" franchise.

According to the publication, Greg Bryk posted pictures of himself in motion capture gear on social media with the caption "Hello, I'm back. #TheFather" describing the photo. The image was posted just in August after the last "Far Cry" Game was released.

While a follow-up post from Bryk mentioned a surprise for "Far Cry" fans during the Game On Expo in Phoenix, Arizona during the same month, Bryk's tweet has eventually been deleted and no significant announcement regarding his role as The Father was released during the "Far Cry" presentation at the expo. It seems fans will have to wait and see for tomorrow's 2018 Game Awards to fully realized what Ubisoft has planned for the "Far Cry" franchise.

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