'Fortnite' To Launch Long-Awaited Game Mode Tomorrow

Fortnite Season 7
Fortnite Season 7 (Photo: Fortnite / Epic Games)

"Fortnite's" unique gameplay feature of being able to modify the battlefield has had fans of the game up in arms for Epic Games to release a less combat-oriented game mode since the game's launch. It seems that Epic Games has finally listened to fan demand and is now introducing a creative mode for "Fortnite."

In a blog post, Epic Games emphasizes to fans that while "Fortnite" creative mode will be released early, it is not the final version of the game mode that gamers can eventually enjoy. Fans can expect the "Fortnite" developers to improve the new creative mode based on player feedback as the game continues to grow.

"Fortnite's" official teaser video for the upcoming creative mode mentions that the new game mode will allow players not just the freedom to create new locations in the game, but also allow them to create different game modes beyond the currently available Battle Royale and Save The World formats.

But new game modes and maps are not the only uses for the "Fortnite" creative mode. Fans of "Fortnite" who fancy themselves as content creators will be able to enjoy to use the new creative toolset for creating cinematic videos using the game. Because of its online nature, such projects can also involve the efforts of colleagues who are also remotely playing "Fortnite."

"Fortnite" fans who are excited about the game's upcoming creative mode can watch the new videos that Epic Games has collaborated with "Fortnite" content creators as a preview to the update. The creative mode videos emphasize the current state of the "Fortnite" creative mode as well as give new information that would be helpful for new "Fortnite" players still unfamiliar with the game's construction mechanics.

Polygon notes that "Fortnite" players who may not have experience with games that feature heavy creative mode content - such as "Minecraft" - will easily be able to make use of the game's new tool sets. "Fortnite" creative mode features prefabricated materials which players can simply select and place within the game. The players can also easily attach such prefabricated structures together to come up with the final structure that they desire.

According to The Verge, "Fortnite" gamers who have recently purchased a battle pass can expect access to the new "Creative" game mode as soon as "Fortnite Season 7" gets released on Dec. 6. Players without battle pass access will have to wait until Dec. 13 to gain access to "Fortnite's" latest game mode.

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