Craving For Your Comfort Food? Experts Advise You To Eat These Instead

comfort food
comfort food (Photo: The Infatuation/ Twitter)

Do you often experience having this intense desire to taste a specific mouth-watering and delicious treat? Are you so tempted to eat just a piece of your favorite Cadbury, Ferrero, Leconte or Dove chocolates dashed with some almonds, nuts, and caramel? Maybe it's just your body's way to make you happy.

Dr. Vincent Candrawinata, a researcher and innovator of the field of food, health, and nutrition, explains how food can have a direct impact on someone's mood and life. He said, "Food affects the person's mood through physiological mechanisms, and the person's mood plays a strong role in determining the choice of food."

The researcher further explained how food could help make a person's emotions better. Like for example, "eating sugary foods or carbohydrate-rich foods can provide a temporary mood enhancer."

But it is not always good to give in to these unhealthy high-carb sugary temptations just to be happy. There are still other healthy alternatives you should consider.


Aside from the protein, which is effective to control your blood-sugar levels, and fiber, which is essential in keeping your inside healthy, cashews also have high levels of Magnesium in it. According to One Green Planet, with this nutrient, just a handful of cashews can already eliminate the symptoms of depression. Given this, a person suffering from depression can already become more positive and happier.


Considered as one of the best foods on earth, a cup of kale has phytonutrients, folate, and vitamins that are effective in treating depression. You can't just make salads out of it, but you can also make other snacks with it. Just add a couple of seasonings and spices on it, mix it, and then fry it. You can also take it as a beverage. Make a smoothie out of it alone or add some fruits with it for additional flavor. Either way can already give the best result to you.


With the omega-3 fats in it, eating seafood will surely make you happy. Science explains that fatty acids are very effective in reducing cytokine levels, which can minimize anxiety and depression symptoms, as posted by Greatist. Oysters, mussels, clams, and fishes are great stuff to include to your dinner especially if you have bipolar disorder, depressive disorder or other emotional disorders.

Other foods you should include to your diet especially if you are having a bad day are walnuts, nuts, beans, and eggs. Just don't overeat these stuff as it could also be harmful. 

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