Ubisoft's Latest 'Far Cry' Game Title Leaked Before Getting Announced At Game Awards

Far Cry New Dawn Screenshot
Far Cry New Dawn Screenshot (Photo: Far Cry New Dawn / Ubisoft)

Ubisoft may have officially unveiled their recently rumored post-apocalyptic installment to the "Far Cry" franchise at the Game Awards, but it seems that an Amazon bug may have spoiled the announcement first.

According to Polygon, the latest "Far Cry" installment's full title was leaked much earlier than expected due to a stray Amazon listing. Titled "Far Cry New Dawn," the publication also notes that the leaked listing mentions a Dec. 7 release date for the upcoming title. While a Dec. 7 release for "Far Cry New Dawn" seems unlikely, "Far Cry" fans did not have to wait long until an official release date for the upcoming title was announced.

Fans of the "Far Cry" franchise who tirelessly waited for Ubisoft's announcement regarding its latest project were treated to a full trailer shedding light on "Far Cry New Dawn." The trailer featured new antagonists - Mickey and Lou - who appear to be a sister duo leading a group of post-apocalyptic marauders.

According to Gamespot, the latest title in the franchise will take place 17 years after "Far Cry 5" and is shaping up to be similar to standalone spin-off "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon." The upcoming game's plot seems to revolve around a post-apocalyptic survivor settlement called Prosperity - located in the "Far Cry 5" fictional location of Hope County - that eventually becomes the target of a raid by Mickey and Lou's gang.

To make things more exciting, the new "Far Cry" trailer features a quick cameo by Greg Byrk's Joseph "The Father" Seed character, as previously speculated by much of the community. How exactly Byrk's Joseph Seed will feature in the upcoming "Far Cry" game has yet to be revealed by Ubisoft.

As Gamespot points out, "Far Cry" fans also get an update to the little things to be excited about when "Far Cry New Dawn" hits the shelves. Based on the "Far Cry New Dawn" trailer, gamers will now be able to take their latest animal companion for a ride in their vehicle.

The new "Far Cry" canine companion - Timber - is featured jumping into the passenger's seat as he enjoys the player character's daredevil maneuvers to escape the latest installment's new villains. But it also seems that the local wildlife of Hope County will not be limited to prey and cattle as a quick scene in the "Far Cry New Dawn" trailer shows the player character potentially able to tame one of the vicious warthogs in the game.

Fans of "Far Cry" who amped up about the just-announced "Far Cry New Dawn" to hit the stores don't have long to wait as the upcoming title is scheduled to be released by Feb. 15 next year. The upcoming "Far Cry" game will retail for $40 when it gets released for the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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