Diabetes Type 2 Diet: Are All Nuts Beneficial?

Cashew Nut
Cashew Nut (Photo: Camille Tricoire/ Twitter)

Considered as the most nutritious foods all around the globe, nuts are no doubt good for everyone especially for diabetics, not unless you are allergic with it.

Science explains the nutritional property of nuts is because of its physical attributes. Nuts, such as macadamias, pistachios, almonds, cashews, and walnuts, are made from the combination of seeds and fruit of a plant. Given this, nuts are "literally full of life," as posted by Diabetes Self-Management. A study conducted at Louisiana State University backs this up.

Through the study, it is revealed that people who love to eat tree nuts and regularly consumes it are lesser at risks of acquiring diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. This effect can be linked to the food's lower levels of C-reactive protein, which is a protein that is responsible for inflammation, and high-density lipoproteins (HDL), which is also known as the good cholesterol.

Furthermore, tree nuts also have other nutritional benefits such as protein, antioxidants, heart-healthy fats, minerals, and also plant sterols, which is a substance naturally found in plants that could effectively lower the rate of cholesterol level in the body.

Given these nutrients, and minerals, you may think nuts are already the best food you can have, but there is still more. Nuts also have unsaturated fats, which acts like a broom that sweeps away the body's "bad cholesterol."

With all these, it is safe to say that diabetics should always have tree nuts with them always. A handful of these nuts every day can already make a huge difference in one's body. But despite that, there is but one kind of nut that diabetics should never eat.

Diabetics can eat all kinds of tree nuts, except for one. According to Express, the ones they should avoid are the salted ones.

There are a lot of salted nuts available in the market at present. Though it still as healthy as those that are not dashed with sodium, the salt present on it can create a negative impact on the body's cardiovascular system. Since diabetics are more prone to cardiovascular diseases, it is crucial for them to refrain from eating salty foods, and that includes salted nuts.

Another thing that should be considered when eating tree nuts is to never over consume it.

A hundred grams of almonds have 576 calories. For diabetics, it is already too much. So, you have to make sure to cut your nut intake.

A handful of tree nuts is already enough for your body to benefit from it. Taking more can cause weight gain and digestive problems. 

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