Barbara Streisand Not Dying Due To Compulsive Eating Disorder

Barbara Streisand
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Barbara Streisand is not dying due to her alleged compulsive eating disorder, despite the claim of the latest report this week. The American singer-songwriter was reportedly diagnosed a deadly binge-eating disorder increasing her risk in certain diseases. This story has been debunked and proved to be complete fiction.

Streisand recently had an interview with the Daily Mail, where she admitted she loves foods so much. The 76-year-old singer noted she eats when she's happy or sad as foods can make a person feels good. Now, because of her statement, Globe magazine claims the singer is dying from a compulsive eating disorder where it cited an alleged doctor saying overeating may increase her risk for hypertension, heart diseases, and other illnesses.

Then, another so-called medical expert of the tabloid claims gaining weight and excess fats in the liver could be more dangerous especially when a person ages, which according to the tabloid, is not good for Streisand. And although these opinions were likely true, the generalizations don't apply to the singer.

As per Gossip Cop, the outlet just took Streisand's statement with the Daily Mail, and they probably spoke to some random medical experts regarding the dangers of overeating, before creating its fabricated claim. Also, the tabloid failed to mention the singer revealed in her recent interview that she's in fact, on a diet.

A source close to Streisand also confirmed to Gossip Cop that the claim of Globe magazine is completely wrong and a work of fiction. The singer is perfectly healthy, and she loves eating but not dying with some sort of a deadly binge-eating disorder. The same tabloid also claims in September Tom Cruise recruited the singer to join Scientology, which was never happened either.

This isn't also the first time a tabloid claims Streisand was diagnosed with a deadly disease. Star magazine, the sister publication of Globe, wrongly reported last month the singer has been suffering from dementia. At that time, the tabloid alleged Streisand's friends were concerned her mental health might be declining. This claim was confirmed to be wrong.

Moreover, Globe magazine and its other sister outlet have been making false narratives, attempting to claim legendary singers were suffering from a deadly disease. For instance, the tabloid and National Enquirer said in August Cher needs a miracle cure to stop her from dying, but the legendary singer was healthy. These outlets have little to zero insights regarding the health and medical conditions of celebrities.

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