'Fortnite' Adds Aerial Dogfighting For Season 7 Debut

Fortnite Season 7 Teaser Image
Fortnite Season 7 Teaser Image (Photo: Fortnite / Epic Games)

Epic Games is pulling out all the stops for the debut release of "Fortnite" Season 7. The game development company may have already unleashed a new creative mode and spectacular in-game teasers but fans of the battle royale game were blindsided by the addition of this new feature.

According to The Verge, "Fortnite" fan can now expect daredevil battles in the sky as "Fortnite" season 7 introduces warplanes in the game. The new vehicles make their debut in the new and official "Fortnite" season 7 trailer as the "Fortnite" cast finally meet the giant iceberg being teased in-game face-to-face along with the new season's latest villains.

The new "Fortnite" season 7 villain seems to be making the most use of the new planes currently being called the Stormwing. The Verge notes that the introduction of the new Stormwing planes is changing the overall gameplay and feel of "Fortnite." What was once a simple battle royale game with the added twist of a building mechanic is - as the publication describes - turning into something more akin to Electronic Arts' "Battlefield" franchise.

"Fortnite" players are apparently enjoying the introduction of the Stormwing planes immensely with a significant number already posting videos of themselves sniping at other players while riding a plane. The publication notes that considering the update is only a few hours old, it would only be a matter of time before players eventually create something more spectacular than sniping their opponents while standing on a flying airplane.

The added dimension that the new Stormwing planes bring to "Fortnite" is more apparent compared to the effects of some of the game's previously introduced vehicles. As the publication notes, one of the most significant effects of "Fortnite's" new Stormwing planes is the fact that up to four passengers and a pilot can ride the vehicle which is loaded up with guns and turrets that its passengers can man. The fact that the planes themselves can cause damage or outright kill any opponents adds to options that "Fortnite" players can enjoy.

The Verge points out that Epic Games' vision for "Fortnite" gets grander after every in-game season. The addition of the Stormwing as well as the game's currently limited creative mode upon "Fortnite" season 7's release seem to communicate that Epic Games is actually trying to encroach upon the video game territories of other games that were never "Fortnite's" competitors when the game was first released.

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