NBA Trade Rumors: Phoenix Suns May Dangle Ariza For Fultz

Trevor Ariza is may find himself playing for a new team after Dec. 15, the date where who did not sign a contract as a free agent can be dealt. The Phoenix Suns signed Ariza to a one-year $15 million deal but it seems the working relationship between the two is turning sour.

Looking at the win-loss record of the Suns, it is not hard to understand why. They are 4-20 thus far this NBA season and player movement seems only logical. The only question now is who will take the bait and deal with the Suns for the services of the 33-year-old player, Marc Stein said.

Ariza is reportedly at the top of the list of several teams. He is seen as someone who could boost the chances of contenders considering he can hit it from outside and also play defense. From the list of hopefuls, expect the Lakers (ironically his former team) or even the Golden State Warriors to be mentioned.

However, there is one team that could actually come forward to avail of his services. The Philadelphia 76ers have allegedly expressed interest in the small forward and a potential player that could be included in the fray is Markelle Fultz.

Without question, multiple teams will come knocking and discuss trade options with the Phoenix Suns. But one team who could be first in line are the Sixers who have been aching to deal off Fultz for quite some time now.

The 20-year-old guard's value has dwindled, particularly because he has been concealing certain things. According to, several teams had expressed interest in him although most have become apprehensive since Fultz (and whoever is behind him) have come out with surprises. The latest has to do with his shoulder, a health issue that may easily turn off other teams.

The Phoenix Suns are reportedly interested in Fultz, someone who could tandem with high-scoring guard Devin Booker. With the former first overall pick of the 2017 NBA Draft manning the point, Booker would focus on scoring - a big load off since he no longer has to worry about playmaking duties.

There were several teams in the past such as the Cleveland Cavaliers who expressed interest in the 6-foot-4 playmaker although the scenarios now are different. With Colin Sexton proving his worth, it makes no sense for the Cavs to acquire someone like Fultz, particularly with the distractions that come with him.

Either way, Ariza and Fultz are likely to get new zip codes by next week. The only question now is where they will be suiting up next.

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