'My Strange Hero' Features Yoo Seung Ho's Return; Character, Official Posters Revealed

Fans are now waiting for the release of the new soon-to-be favorite Korean drama 'My Strange Hero.'
Fans are now waiting for the release of the new soon-to-be favorite Korean drama 'My Strange Hero.' (Photo: yooseunghokr/Facebook)

Fans are now waiting for the release of the new soon-to-be favorite Korean drama "My Strange Hero." With the return of Yoo Seung Ho to the small screen, viewers are surely excited to see his magnificent acting again. As SBS recently unveiled the show's official character posters, here is everything that you need to know.

"My Strange Hero" staff revealed that fans would once again see the "magic million" Yoo Seung Ho. They also commended the 25-year-old actor for being down to earth -- laughing and talking with the show's crew, per Hellokpop.

After taking a lot of memorable roles, viewers will witness Yoo Seung Ho's masculine side in "My Strange Hero." It will be also the first time that fans will see Kwal Dong Yeon in a villain role.

Just like Yoo Seung Ho, "My Strange Hero" staff also has nothing but good words for Kwal Dong Yeon. The 21-year-old actor, alternatively, revealed he enjoys working for the show because of the "warm atmosphere." He then hopes that viewers will feel the same level of "coziness and comfort" he experienced when filming the series.

Meanwhile, SBS recently unveiled "My Strange Hero" official character posters. According to Soompi, each role has its corresponding color and description based on its character.

Yoo Seung Ho has a green-tinted poster for "My Strange Hero." He is wearing a uniform while holding a motorcycle helmet and sitting on a table. "A Strange Hero," the caption read.

Jo Bo Ah's character poster looks warm with yellow shade. She looks jolly and confident while posing in front of a board while holding a book and a marker. "First Love Again," the note stated, which seemed to imply her romantic connection with Yoo Seung Ho's character as Kang Bok Soo.

In addition, Kwak Dong Yeon displays his full charisma as Oh Se Ho in a black-colored poster. Described as "the Man with Two Faces," he is wearing a dark suit.

Aside from character posters, SBS also revealed "My Strange Hero" official poster featuring Yoo Seung Ho alone. Here, he is standing in front of his high school while holding his suitcase and snows are falling on the ground. "The time that stopped nine years ago, it's started to run again," the caption read.

"My Strange Hero" tells the story of Kang Bok Soo, the boy who got expelled from his university after someone framed him up as the school bully. As he grows old, he returns to the old school to take revenge but finds himself "swept up" in another controversy. The show is set to be out on December 10 on SBS.


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