62 Miles In Just 3 Minutes Now Possible Via Porsche And BMW's 450kW FastCharge EV Charging Station

62 Miles In Just 3 Minutes Now Possible Via Porsche And BMW's 450kW FastCharge EV Charging Station
A new 450kW EV charging station platform developed by Porsche and BMW promises 62 miles after a 3-minute charge. (Photo: Porsche | YouTube)

The automotive industry recognizes Tesla as the undisputed leader when it comes to electric vehicles. After all, the marque is the first to push for the adoption of battery-powered cars and continues to campaign for an emission-free future. However, new technology from BMW and Porsche seek to dethrone Elon Musk's company when it comes to battery charging. Reports claim that a 3-minute charge from the new 450-kW EV fast charger can stack on another 62 miles.

As it currently stands, owners of electric vehicles (EVs) rely on the standard AC home outlet to top off their cars. CNET points out that a conventional circuit breaker is rated at around 15 to 20 amps, which imposes a limitation the charging performance. As an example, the Nissan Leaf can take up to 15 hours to completely fill its batteries via the standard socket. Therefore, this becomes a problem for owners that depend on their automobile for their daily commute.

To overcome that barrier, manufacturers such as Tesla developed DC fast charging technology to ensure that ownership of an EV is feasible. In turn, consumers can rest assured that their environmentally-friendly transport is as convenient as a traditional automobile. Equally important is the report announcement from Porsche and BMW as they tout a new charging standard that cuts the time even shorter. Sources confirm that it will carry the name FastCharge and that a working prototype is available between the cities of Augsburg and Ulm on the A8 autobahn.

As more carmakers gradually shift to electric vehicles, the industry can look forward to a rapid turnover of innovations. The new platform promoted by the German brands seeks to unseat the Tesla Supercharger, which reportedly refills the battery up to 80 percent within 30 minutes.  However, there is a small caveat that might hinder its widespread adoption--there are currently no EVs in the commercial market that is compatible. Nevertheless, it seems like a minor setback as upcoming models from various brands will soon be ready to adapt to the new standard.

Motor Authority notes that testing is already ongoing with a prototype model. With a capacity of over 400kW, the FastCharge charging stations, as well as the compatible EVs, will use an advanced cooling system for added safety. Moreover, the platform automatically tweaks its output depending on the battery type of the vehicle. BMW and Porsche plan to distribute the new tech across Europe and hopefully give Tesla a run for its money in the process.

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