BlockIMMO to Revolutionalize Blockchain Technology by Real Estate Tokenization

BlockIMMO, another real estate platform on the blockchain network, is gearing up for investors interested in blockchain and real estate. The real estate platform has made it easier for beginners to invest by as much as CHF 1,000 ($1007.55) for stakes in properties represented by bitcoin, The Blockchain reported.

The platform works both ways; while it's easy for investors to gain a foothold into real estate, property owners can easily assess the true value of their properties. Investors have an easier time of investing by using a digital wallet, where they can store their properties in the form of tokens. Investors can also put their resources into a property through a 'crowdsale.'

All major wallets are currently supported by BlockIMMO, which can be used on both desktop and mobile. Ledger and Trezor also back the bitcoin platform up. The amount of investments is entirely up to the discretion of the investor, who can receive their investments in the form of bitcoin tokens, stashed away in their wallets.

In theory, bitcoin is already present in the real world and in action; the Piper Moretti interview revealed that. As reported by KXAN36 News, Piper Moretti was recently asked about bitcoin payments and crypto-currencies. To this, she replied that she didn't know what it uses was for.

Moretti believes in the power of blockchain to simplify. She stated that processes in the real estate sector were made quicker to finish by the cryptocurrency. It also has endless potential to make sure that processes are more efficient and secure than they ever were previously.

Bitcoin is currently in the process of being developed, where Piper's luxury villa was paid for in blockchain credits by a young couple. It was easier to sell and even simpler to close the sale through blockchain. That it is recorded as a public document, yet private for the seller and the buyer makes it easy to pull up for future reference.

Blockchain technology makes it easy for land registers and other such documents to be stored and transferred to different owners. Aside from the ease of passing documents from one place to another, digital signatures are also simpler to maintain.

Blockchain platforms like BlockIMMO may still be considered to be in the early stages. However, with more usage as well as backers, the future of real estate is certainly written on cryptocurrency.

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