Rage 2 Hilarious Christmas Themed Video Released!

RAGE 2 - The 12 Days of RAGEMAS ─ Bethesda Softworks
RAGE 2 - The 12 Days of RAGEMAS ─ Bethesda Softworks (Photo: Bethesda/Twitter)

A "Rage 2" Christmas-themed trailer is now out for viewing giving a hilariously fun twist to the usual Christmas carol.

The "Rage 2" Christmas trailer features a ridiculous version of the all-time favorite Christmas carol, "The Twelve Days of Christmas." The video is instead entitled "The Twelve Days of Ragemas," with the lyrics telling so much about the fun-filled action and adventure that a player will have to get into the Wasteland.

The trailer was published December 23 and runs 39 seconds long. Each cut features some actual scenes and highlights from the "Rage 2" world such as gunfights, melee combats, and intense speed races, although it doesn't offer much of the game details as Bethesda, just made sure to take advantage of the season as a means of promoting the new title and did not intend to include more game details on the video.

Below are some of the funny lines added to replace the original lyrics coming up with "The Twelve Days of Ragemas"

On the twelfth day of RAGEMAS,

The Wasteland gave to me

12 heads a splodin'

11 mutants bashing

10 mechs a leapin'

9 ladies dancing

8 deadly races

7 hogs a swimming 

The "Rage 2" Christmas trailer rapidly continues to gain viewership as of this writing with most of the comments requesting for the game to be put on Steam, which is now far from taking place allegedly following the Fallout 76 footsteps as the Game Revolution hinted.

"Rage 2," a first-person shooter game is published by Bethesda. It is under the development of id Software, the maker of DOOM and Rage Game. Hand in hand with id Software is Avalanche Studios the team behind Mad Max and Just Cause. These two are what the Comic Book describes as masters of first-person shooters and open world insanity.

A 2011 Rage sequel, "Rage 2's" project confirmation, and game release were officially announced at the Game Awards 2018 held at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles last December 6, 2018.

This highly anticipated game is set to be released at $59.99 USD. "Rage 2" will rock the virtual world on May 14, 2019, and is set to be released for Play Station, Xbox One and PC. Hopefuls for a Nintendo Switch port and Steam release will have to keep their fingers crossed as there has been no announcement for the latter as of the moment.

Watch this video for more of the story.


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